Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Been a While...

When you have a blog, it always is in the back of your head to write in/on it. Having said that (love those hokey cliches), I feel a need to write about some recent happenings in the world of "taking-advantage-over-those-you-can".

Many readers know that I deal with helping folks who have developmental disabilities as both a career and a passion. Fewer know that I've been fighting with the Telecoms in the Portland area on their behalf. I believe these huge corporations take advantage of not only the people I work with, but low income people in general. this pisses me off. Here's why...

LITERACY issues are something they prey on. PRIDE is something they prey on. And LACK OF UNDERSTANDING around how they work is something they prey on. THEY ARE PREDATORS!!

Recently, I told one of these Telecoms I was going to file a complaint with the Oregon Department of Justice regarding their shady business practices. Their response was pretty much; "bring it on!", to which I obliged them. They didn't seem to think that the DOJ would care about such a simple case... but they did!

John Kroger is our Attorney General, and he's made it clear that he wants to know about possible consumer fraud situations, and by all indications, he MEANS IT!

Anyway, we filed a complaint with his office a few weeks back. Turns out, in a letter mailed to my friend, the Telecom now wants to remove $200 from my friend's bill "in an effort to amicably resolve this matter", as they put it. The problem for them is, my friend is seeking justice. My friend isn't interested in "settling" with T-Mobile. She reckons they've been ripping her off for over a year, and I agree.

It certainly didn't help their case when they wrote that the opposite had happened around us trying to prove to them that their service didn't work...hever had. So know we will write them back, (while cc'ing the DOJ) with a major rebuttal, and push back as hard as we can.