Friday, October 23, 2015

Invisible No More

I've been kind of depressed lately; feeling like a victim. 2 months ago I had a hearing with the Oregon Department of Human Services to determine whether or not I'm eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. A few weeks back I got a letter that told me I'm not. The determination was made by someone who has NO IDEA about the pain and difficulty that my on-going health issues cause me.

I'm not about to roll over on this. If that was my choice, I believe I'd become additionally permanently depressed. So as of today, I'll become Invisible No More! Not about to let some bureaucrat decide what I need in my life, and more importantly, what I DESERVE and am eligible for!

I know there's a whole lot more  people who have gone through this humiliating process, many with similar results. I'm basically a proud man who rarely asks for any kind of help, so when I do, it must be pretty serious. Hopefully the Administrative Law Judge doesn't believe they get it right every time, but as I said, "hopefully". The one thing I AM sure of, is that I'm not going down without a BIG fight.

I tend to believe this is part of a conspiracy; keeping part of the population (poor?) from benefitting from anything the government has their hands in.  I'm not a huge corporation, who's constantly looking for ways to escape paying taxes, I'm simply a 59 year old American who has devoted half his life to helping others WHO HAVE DISABILITIES. Then when I need some assistance, they're gonna kick me in the teeth?

I probably have between 10-20 years left here on earth. I refuse to become homeless, so I need to do my part in bringing money into our household. It only stands to reason that I'll fight their stupid determination, using any and all resources at my disposal. This is step #1 in becoming Invisible No More!!

Wednesday, October 07, 2015


"Loyalty" is a concept which is near and dear to my heart. I don't know if I'm the loyalest person I know, but I'm definitely at the top of the page. I think loyalty comes in layers; as in there are certain people it's easier to be loyal to than others. Let me explain.

The first group of people who I have the most loyalty to is family. My brothers, daughter, wife, and extended family, are folks I would die for without thought or hesitation. In my case, blood is INDEED thicker than water. Seems to me this was instilled in me from birth. It's always been that way. Pure love and loyalty.

On the next layer (or group) is my friends. Due in large part to social networking, I'm now able to be in touch with people I've known for most of my life. These people mean a lot to me! I can't say that I would die for all of them, but there are several I would in fact, die for. I tell myself that they know who they are, and I hope I'm right...

Next we have acquaintances. This is probably the largest group of all. It includes past co-workers, people I've recently met, folks I don't know too well, and those I do business with on a regular basis. I can be trusted to keep the secrets they share with me. I can also be trusted to be honest and forthright with such people. This is a challenge for me. I tend to move them into group number two, and later return them to group number three. It's like on some level they're constantly on probation.

Then we have those I'm NOT loyal to AT ALL. This includes men who wear suits all the time, Police, main stream media reporters, and rich people who don't share. My feelings toward these people border on disgust, and occasionally cross over that line.

Anyhoo... that's how loyalty breaks down in my mind. And we hope you've enjoyed the show!