Monday, October 21, 2013

"Teachers Leave Those Kids Alone"

I need a mantra in order to write this post. Something meditative  and relaxing seems to be in order. Fortunately, I took my blood pressure med this morning, so I should be ok. However, if I start using profanity, please forgive me.

A few hours ago, I came upon this video on my Facebook news feed. A friend posted it, and immediately I watched it. The video is a little bit longer than 6 minutes, and contains a world of deep thought regarding right and wrong. Some of the comments I received (as well as those on my friend's post) show me just how much abuse of people with disabilities effects community.

As is often the case, I have strong opinions myself. Watch the video, and then I'll go on with how I see things.

I'm going to assume you watched the video now. At the 2:10 mark, the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS (Mantra David...), Daniel Domenech really spells out the problem. People like HIM! Who mistakenly believe they MUST restrain kids so they won't "hurt themselves". That is a crock! He's REALLY concerned about teachers being injured. And he's right, before he's done spinning the situation to suit his agenda... he IS a barbarian!

Then you have the story of Corey Foster in NYC which begins at the 3 minute mark, where 5 ADULTS dogpile on a kid because he doesn't want to stop shooting baskets. They KILLED him! The coroner can call it "Cardiac Arrest while being subdued" if they want, but I call it murder!

Later in the tape when they interview the group of kids who HAVE EXPERIENCED this "restraint" themselves, their heads simultaneously nod "no" when asked if THEY believe this works. If THEY aren't the experts here, I guess we should go along with what the self admitted BARBARIAN tells us.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Eddie Would Go

I'm fully aware that my writing on this blog has slowed down recently. I've just had other things I've been working on which have pulled me away from here. However; I just watched a movie from ESPN about a hero that inspired me to jump on here and at least link to it. The man's name was Eddie Aikau, a royal Hawaiian who saved at least 1,000 people as the first lifeguard at Wiamea Bay. That's not where his story ends... (copy and paste the link into your browser)