Sunday, August 10, 2014


It's been an honor to have had the opportunity to post my thoughts about disability, social justice, and truth on this blog for the past 7+ years. Over 51,000 page views tells me there are people who read, and think about the content I've placed here. Thank you! Now I believe it's time to put this to sleep.

I was very angry when I started this blog. I continue to be a frequently angry person, because I still see and feel the unfairness in this country and the world. I haven't changed the unfairness. Though I've brought it to light on many occasions, I no longer wish to continue doing so. It's too hard.

In closing this down, there are some people I want to thank on my way out. Traci Alton, who I started this blog for, may she rest in eternal peace. The people who saw her euthanization to fruition, thank you too for motivating me to create this blog. My wife Suzanne. ALWAYS a great inspiration and friend. My daughter Harmony. Who got me thinking about legacy a long time ago. And my faithful readers and followers of this blog. You are the best!

I hope that what I've done here will stay forever in the hearts and minds of those who have read what I've had to say. Again... I thank you!