Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Go Tiguhs!!

This morning I want to talk about some of the fun, excitement, and trouble I had back in 1981/82. If you're wondering what those memories have to do with the title of this post, that was the first and last time the Clemson Tigers won the national championship in college football. I was living in Clemson on that unforgettable day. On campus, no less!

Some good friends were all living together in a cottage for students. My friend Mike and his fiancee Cheryl were kind (or crazy) enough to invite me to join them and 2 other friends for some down time around the Holidays. This came on the heels of having my heart broken following a failed love affair back in my hometown. I grabbed my guitar, and I hit the road!

When I arrived I quickly learned that the Tigers were having a great season, and the town was buzzing with excitement over the prospect of the team playing for the championship. Everywhere I'd go, I ran into huge orange tiger paw prints painted on streets, signs, and buildings. People were out of their minds. I immediately began looking for some sort of income, as I had arrived without any. I lucked out by quickly procuring a job playing music in a bar/restaurant a few blocks off campus. It was only for 2 or 3 nights a week, but provided me with enough scratch to hang out.

Any money we had at the time went to beer and cigarettes, so we survived by eating a steady diet of baked potatoes and ketchup. Mike was delivering pizzas, so occasionally we'd also get some slices to compliment our tatos. Life was good! As the college season was coming to a close there was only South Carolina to beat in order to make it to The Orange Bowl for the championship. Clemson was #2 in the polls at the time. The game was played on November 21st, just before Thanksgiving. We were all gathered in the living room partying as Clemson won 29-13! Clemson was now #1 in the country, and would play Nebraska (#4) for the Championship on New Years day.

Christmas break began in December and the town became virtually dead. Mike and Cheryl had gone back home at Thanksgiving, and Oscar, Gary, and I remained on campus. The 3 of us were equally bad influences on each other, but miraculously we stayed alive. As I recall Christmas was a blur of merriment, with a wish that we could get to the following week.

Finally the BIG DAY arrived! New Years Day 1982! By this time, many of the students were back, but Oscar and I watched the game by ourselves with a lot of beer. Every time Clemson would score we'd run outside screaming and banging pots and pans. They were down by 4 points in the first quarter, but after that, they never looked back. When the game was done, so were we, but that didn't stop us from going into town to celebrate. Bad decision. Oscar and I got separated, and within an hour I found myself under arrest.

It seems as though we weren't the only rowdies that evening. In fact, the State Police were called in to help contain the wildness. There was garbage in the street, lots of hooting and hollering, and destruction was beginning to take place. I was walking down the street minding my own business, when I accidently kicked an empty beer can someone had thrown there. A Policeman said to me; "Pick that up!", to which I replied ; "Fuck you, you pick it up"! He didn't appreciate my candor and placed me under arrest.

When we got to the jail, I was mugged, printed, and put into a cell with 6 or so other guys who had also been arrested for misbehaving. I was drunkenly talking to one cell mate when I heard from the next cell over a voice saying "Dave?" It was Oscar! He'd also gotten arrested for something similar to me, and was scheduled like myself, to be released in the morning. I guess they wanted to give us all a chance to sleep off the booze.

It wasn't long after that our hosts returned to town. I was feeling kinda stupid and embarrassed, so without much fanfare, I left Clemson on a mission. That; I will explain in another post a bit later. The main point I want to make is that once again (33 years later) Clemson's football team is #1 in the country and may play for another title! If they do, I'll definitely watch it in my own living room, thinking about those days in between plays.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Invisible No More

I've been kind of depressed lately; feeling like a victim. 2 months ago I had a hearing with the Oregon Department of Human Services to determine whether or not I'm eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. A few weeks back I got a letter that told me I'm not. The determination was made by someone who has NO IDEA about the pain and difficulty that my on-going health issues cause me.

I'm not about to roll over on this. If that was my choice, I believe I'd become additionally permanently depressed. So as of today, I'll become Invisible No More! Not about to let some bureaucrat decide what I need in my life, and more importantly, what I DESERVE and am eligible for!

I know there's a whole lot more  people who have gone through this humiliating process, many with similar results. I'm basically a proud man who rarely asks for any kind of help, so when I do, it must be pretty serious. Hopefully the Administrative Law Judge doesn't believe they get it right every time, but as I said, "hopefully". The one thing I AM sure of, is that I'm not going down without a BIG fight.

I tend to believe this is part of a conspiracy; keeping part of the population (poor?) from benefitting from anything the government has their hands in.  I'm not a huge corporation, who's constantly looking for ways to escape paying taxes, I'm simply a 59 year old American who has devoted half his life to helping others WHO HAVE DISABILITIES. Then when I need some assistance, they're gonna kick me in the teeth?

I probably have between 10-20 years left here on earth. I refuse to become homeless, so I need to do my part in bringing money into our household. It only stands to reason that I'll fight their stupid determination, using any and all resources at my disposal. This is step #1 in becoming Invisible No More!!

Wednesday, October 07, 2015


"Loyalty" is a concept which is near and dear to my heart. I don't know if I'm the loyalest person I know, but I'm definitely at the top of the page. I think loyalty comes in layers; as in there are certain people it's easier to be loyal to than others. Let me explain.

The first group of people who I have the most loyalty to is family. My brothers, daughter, wife, and extended family, are folks I would die for without thought or hesitation. In my case, blood is INDEED thicker than water. Seems to me this was instilled in me from birth. It's always been that way. Pure love and loyalty.

On the next layer (or group) is my friends. Due in large part to social networking, I'm now able to be in touch with people I've known for most of my life. These people mean a lot to me! I can't say that I would die for all of them, but there are several I would in fact, die for. I tell myself that they know who they are, and I hope I'm right...

Next we have acquaintances. This is probably the largest group of all. It includes past co-workers, people I've recently met, folks I don't know too well, and those I do business with on a regular basis. I can be trusted to keep the secrets they share with me. I can also be trusted to be honest and forthright with such people. This is a challenge for me. I tend to move them into group number two, and later return them to group number three. It's like on some level they're constantly on probation.

Then we have those I'm NOT loyal to AT ALL. This includes men who wear suits all the time, Police, main stream media reporters, and rich people who don't share. My feelings toward these people border on disgust, and occasionally cross over that line.

Anyhoo... that's how loyalty breaks down in my mind. And we hope you've enjoyed the show!

Sunday, September 20, 2015


In 1980 I lived in West Palm Beach.I was working at The Breakers Hotel and was playeding pool after work one night in a cheesy bar that was in my neighborhood. I played against this black guy, who was obviously a GOOD pool player. NOT a hustler, but he was GOOD.

Anyway; he was kickn' my ass, but i was taking it well. He was a nice guy, and we quickly beacame pals. Soon after he beat me, another guy stepped up to play him. He kicked his ass  as bad as he kicked mine!

Not so smoothe.... The other guy was angry over the dollar that he lost! He accused my buddy of cheating, (which was far from the truth) and proceededed to threaten him as ( the nigger), which really pissed me off!  Anyway... things got ugly.

I called the red neck on his language; saying "this is 1980, not 1890," and he swung his cue stick at me. He hit me in my forearm as I'd stuck it up in defense. Soon a cop showed up because someone behind the bar had called 'em. He acted like WE were in the wrong!

Though it was obvious what had happened ,they let the red neck go, and threatened to take me and my black pal to jail, unless we left. Aint that America?


    Mirriam-Webster has a definition of what they believe "sacrifice" means...
1:  an act of offering to a deity something precious; especially :  the killing of a victim on an altar

2:  something offered in sacrifice

3 a: destruction or surrender of something for the sake of something else

   b: something given up or lost

Without arguing with them, I want to include a bit more of what I believe "sacrifice" to mean.
# 3a gets close to what I'm thinking, but I'd like to take it a bit further. Jesus spoke of qualities that make someone a good person in Corinthians 13:13. He spoke of faith, hope, charity, and love; with love being the greatest of these. He didn't include "sacrifice", which I'm sure wasn't an oversight. I believe he wanted us to discover that through our human experience.

I tend to call it "shit or get off the pot". A little bit more earthy. What I'm talking about is the act of putting someone else's well being before your own. This act has elements of suicide in it, as well as martyrdom. It's not for the feint of heart, and can often result in one's own destruction.

Is there anything worth sacrificing for in such a manner? I say; "you're damn right there is!" There is deep within us a part that WILL NOT comprimise or allow something to happen to a person/people we care about, if we think it's wrong. It's not too different than a German Shepherd protecting their human child. We will fight (and bite) anyone attempting to do so.

I've had that experience. I hope you have too. I've sacrificed a 27 year career that I was very proud of, to save the life of a friend who was unable to speak for themselves. For me, it was a no-brainer. I don't believe I could have lived with myself if I hadn't. The sacrifice I made cost me a lot. What it cost others is in their own souls.

I LOVE the concept, and reality of "sacrifice!" I really do think it's made me more human than I could have ever been without it... I hope you'll consider it, if you ever need to.

Monday, September 14, 2015

DAWG Oregon: Centrification

DAWG Oregon: Centrification: I've coined a new word, and hope to see it in dictionaries by Christmas at the latest. I'm proud of my new word, because it defines ...


I've coined a new word, and hope to see it in dictionaries by Christmas at the latest. I'm proud of my new word, because it defines a phenomena which is growing in popularity in the US and several other former democratic countries.

"Centrification" is my new word. Most people understand this word's first cousin, "gentrification", which is the act of (generally speaking...) wealthier white people moving into low income neighborhoods, traditionally inhabited by people of color. They end up destroying the culture, and drive the cost of living up, causing these lower income people to move away.

"Centrification" has similar qualities. It's the act of (generally speaking...) upper middle class white people kissing the asses of the rich, and going along with activities that harm poor people. The acceptance of "war", "poverty", and "racism" without ever saying these things are wrong for fear of leaving the center, thus disappointing their overlords.

I've been known to quote my personal hero, Martin Luther King Junior, who said "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter". Bet he'd use my centrification word if he were still alive! He also said "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere". I'm damn near sure he'd use my centrification word! I'll end this post with a quote from.....? MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. "In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends".

Back at Last!

After an absence of over a year, I'm back blogging again. Maybe I needed an extended break, or... who knows? A LOT has happened in the world and my own life since the last time I posted here. I plan to get into some of that in the days, weeks, months, and years to come.

It's great to be back! I really missed this old blog after a few months, but told myself I had made a decision, and needed to stick to it! Finally, my desire to share my thoughts with others won over my pride. I'm keeping this brief, so that we can get on with the show!

Sunday, August 10, 2014


It's been an honor to have had the opportunity to post my thoughts about disability, social justice, and truth on this blog for the past 7+ years. Over 51,000 page views tells me there are people who read, and think about the content I've placed here. Thank you! Now I believe it's time to put this to sleep.

I was very angry when I started this blog. I continue to be a frequently angry person, because I still see and feel the unfairness in this country and the world. I haven't changed the unfairness. Though I've brought it to light on many occasions, I no longer wish to continue doing so. It's too hard.

In closing this down, there are some people I want to thank on my way out. Traci Alton, who I started this blog for, may she rest in eternal peace. The people who saw her euthanization to fruition, thank you too for motivating me to create this blog. My wife Suzanne. ALWAYS a great inspiration and friend. My daughter Harmony. Who got me thinking about legacy a long time ago. And my faithful readers and followers of this blog. You are the best!

I hope that what I've done here will stay forever in the hearts and minds of those who have read what I've had to say. Again... I thank you!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

"I Support The Troops"

I have never heard a more bullshit phrase than "I support the troops"! It means NOTHING. If it had any real meaning then we would see some REAL DIFFERENT behavior from the people who proclaim it on a regular basis.

These people who support the troops should be WORKING to support their proclamation. All I've seen is a bunch of people spouting this without doing ANYTHING to "support" their position. Instead they just TALK about their support.

 Why are these people not taking their "support" to the streets, to demonstrate how strongly they feel about the way veterans are treated? Seems to me they probably just don't want to be counted among the millions who don't care, and say this because they think it sounds patriotic.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Was That Really Me??

When I was 25, my life was an absolute mess! I didn't know myself very well, and as a result turned to self destructive behavior. I was either drunk, high on drugs, or both pretty much all the time. I believed I was a failure, and felt alone, and unlovable.

Then one day I figured out what I needed to do, so I grabbed a back pack, my guitar, and boarded a Grey Hound bus for South Carolina. My plan was to hang out with some friends who were living in Clemson with another friend who was going to school there.

More partying ensued, and it wasn't long before I realized what I REALLY wanted to do was find a woman I'd fallen in love with during the summer, who was living in a town called Willits in Northern California. After hanging out there for 3 days, it was obvious that last summer was last summer, so I began hitch hiking to San Francisco. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.

I was homeless and unhappy with the predicament I was in. Living in Golden Gate Park with an assortment of people who's issues were more serious than my own. I was sincerely bummed out. The morning after I found out I was sleeping in the same spot where someone had their head cut off a few months earlier, I began looking for a way to get off the streets in earnest.

That's when I ran into a guy who told me he was living with a radical social group called the White Panthers. He also told me that if I wanted to, I could live there too. The small catch was that I would need to work in their food co-op to justify my room and board. I jumped at the opportunity, and in no time , found myself living on Haight Street with 8 or 10 other folks, where we had breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day, while working in the co-op, providing cheap groceries to poor people.

I was unaware of what I was getting involved in for the first few days. Then I noticed some of the leaders of this group seemed particularly paranoid. They had video surveillance going on around the outside of the house, and the street out front 24/7. They would talk to each other about their absolute disdain for the police, and had several guns locked up in the room closest to the front of the house. And I was told early on that the head guy, who's name was T.C. had done time in prison for manslaughter involving a cop!

It was the same thing 6 days of the week. Awakened at 6:00 AM and given breakfast. Then we would drive by van to a different house where the co-op was located. We'd work until lunch time, and after a short break, back to work until evening. We'd get back at around 7, have dinner, and go to bed after getting very stoned on joints. Pretty mundane... Then one day, all of us who weren't initiated, were informed that something was going to be happening involving the cops, and we were sent out with a few dollars each. being told not to return until dark.

This is where it got really weird. I went directly to a pub up the street and began drinking beer. After I'd been there for a few hours, the van driver came in, and we began talking. He made light of the seriousness of the White Panthers, and I jumped right on board. Before you know it I was making disparaging comments about the group, going so far as  suggesting they change their name to the Pink Panties. Shortly after, the driver left.

Apparently, he went directly back to the house and told them everything I said. He was a plant! I know this because my one and only trusted friend came to the bar and told me. He also told me it would probably be a good idea if I just stayed away from the house. T.C. was pissed! The big problem was that my guitar was back at the house, and there was no way I was going to leave that behind.

I gave things 24 hours for cooler heads to prevail, then I took the risk of going back. T.C. was there. He told me that it was in my own best interest that I leave San Francisco altogether, hinting that a bad accident might happen to me if I didn't. He handed me my guitar, and I left.... San Francisco.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Fair Warning

Very simply put... A Man and His Guitar (me) warning of what may happen unless...

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Tune

A Little Song I Wrote

Back in the 80's I wrote this song, and last weekend Suzanne made a video of it...    

Friday, April 18, 2014

NBA Playoff Picks!

Ok basketball fans. The playoffs begin tomorrow! These are my picks for 2014, along with my reasons for predicting as I am.

In the West, San Antonio takes on Dallas. Though the Spurs swept the season series, I don't think it will be so easy in the playoffs. Between Dirk,  Monta, and a rejuvenated Vince Carter, I see the Spurs losing 2 games, and winning in 6.

Houston will play against the Blazers. Portland comes in winning 9 of their last 10 games in the season, and have a reputation of putting W's together in bunches. They each have identical records of 54 wins, and I trust the Blazers health more than the Rockets. This one goes to 7 games with the Blazers moving on.

The Clippers will have the home court advantage over the Warriors, who will be without Andrew Bogut in the playoffs. Griffin's back is questionable, but Chris Paul is the best point guard in the league. Jamal Crawford is back to give the Clips some extra punch. I see Golden State going down in 6.

OKC and Memphis. Kevin Durant will win this year's MVP award, and I find it hard to believe anyone on the Grizzly's team can check him. Tayshawn Prince is too old, and Tony Allen is too short. The best you can hope for in this series is a few dust ups, with the Thunder taking it in 7 games.

In the East, Indiana takes on Atlanta. If Larry Legend can get his mojo on, as I suspect he will, the Pacers shut this down in 5, with the Hawks winning a game at home.

On the same side of that bracket, Chicago faces Washington. The Bulls won 48 games despite the loss of their best player early in the season. Joakim Noah has proven to be an inspiration to the team, and will lead them to a first round win over the Wizards in 6.

Toronto plays Brooklyn in a series I predict will go 7 games. The Nets are the highest paid team in the league, but all those millions won't win them a championship. They also are one of the oldest teams in the playoffs, and it won't surprise me if after winning this series in 7 games, literally fall apart.

I hate the Heat! Had to say it, 'cause it's true... LeBron and company will knock off the Charlotte Bobcats, in moving on to the second round. Chris Bosh shouldn't have been an All Star, and Wade has only played a handful of games in the second part of the season. The question in my mind is who falls apart first, the Nets or the Heat?

Second round...

Spurs and Blazers. Blazers and Spurs. My heart wants the Blazers to take this series, but my head tells me otherwise. the Spurs didn't win 62 games this year by accident. Greg Popovich is probably the best coach in the league, even if he doesn't win the award this year. He should! I think the Blazers will give the Spurs all they can handle, but will go back home after losing the 7th game of the series in San Antonio.

Clippers vs. the Thunder. These teams don't get along. Ibaka seems to genuinely detest Griffin. Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul don't seem to be buddies either. This one could get ugly if the refs let it. Talent wise, I think they're pretty evenly matched. What remains to be seen is how the Clips will do shooting free throws at the end of games. It's pretty much a toss up, but I give the nod to LA in 7.

Indiana plays Da Bulls. Roy Hibert has played like he's forgotten how to in the last month and a half. He'd better remember, if the Pacers want to move on. The pesky Bulls will be hassling Paul George as much as possible, so he too had better be ready for a hard fought series. Because Indiana has home court advantage in this series, they'll win it at home in 7 games. Probably...

Heat and Nets. Break out the ice and bandages. These teams will be tired when they meet. Although the Nets are the first team to sweep the Heat during the regular season (first team to do so in 3 years), I don't think LeBron will let the Heat lose (quite yet). Heat in 7.

Western Conference Championship...

Spurs and Clippers. Did I tell you that Tim, Manu, and Tony all want one more ring before they close it down for good? It's now or never for the aging Spurs. They know it. They've been a special team ever since Duncan came into the league. The Clippers, on the other hand, are still pretty young overall, and Doc Rivers can lead them to the promised land as soon as next year. This year, I don't see the Spurs being denied, and will take it in 7 (maybe in 6?).

Eastern Conference Championship...

Featuring the Indiana Pacers against the Miami Heat. Did you watch the series between these teams last Spring? It was excellent sports viewing, with Miami coming through in the closing seconds of game 7. Indiana remembers it. They want to beat the Heat, but will need solid play from 3 or 4 guys in 4 games in order to do it. Lance, D West, and Paul George may be able to do it. Lance led the league in triple doubles this season, and he will get at least one in this series. The tables have turned. So long Heat...

NBA Championship

Spurs vs. Pacers. The Spurs will have home court advantage over the Pacers, and will take home the trophy at the end of game 7!

Ok... first round's almost over, so it's time for a check in. Before I get started, let me just say these are the best playoffs I've ever seen! And, as I and others have learned, the league has become immersed in parity!

Alright... I picked San Antonio over Dallas in 6 games. They've taken the Spurs to 7.

I picked the Blazers in 7, but they did it in 6, which seemed like 9!

Golden State has been surprising in taking the Clippers to 7, which will be played today.

The "dust up" I alluded to regarding Memphis and OKC will likely cost the Gris the series, playing in the 7th game without Zach Randolph due to a suspension.

Who'd have thought the Hawks would take Indiana to 7 games? Not me, that's for sure. But they have. We'll see on that one.

I was way off with Chicago and the Wizards. The youngsters looked good in beating the Bulls in 5 (?)

Toronto and the Nets play their game 7 today.

And Miami squished the Bobcats as predicted.

I got 3 out of the four teams I picked to be in the Conference Finals. I'm not changing my mind. The Spurs will win it all!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

This Aint Al Bundy's Ranch

I've been reading and seeing in various "news" sources that the people involved in protecting the Bundy Ranch are "terrorists" or off the wall "Tea Partiers" lately. This disturbs me for a few reasons. I'll go further into that in a few moments. I just want to go on record as suggesting that maybe they are neither.

It's obvious to me and other people uninterested in pretending things are fine in our country, that there are very few levels our government WON'T stoop to. I get the feeling in my gut that once again they are experimenting with their citizens, to see how tolerant we are. "If we LABEL people in a negative light, will the sheep follow the leader?" "Maybe this will work to get their guns..."

There's more than a few folks who are sick of the government pushing us around. Maybe these are good hearted people who are simply fed up with being constantly bullied and lied to. It's very possible that they see the government as terrorists, who want to monitor and limit all their actions, like the government did in the book "1984". Honestly, I get to feeling that way, more and more frequently these days, and I'm not naïve enough to believe I'm alone.

I personally believe that any time the government puts on their brakes, like they have in Nevada; that's a good thing. It shows that they haven't COMPLETELY lost the ability to weigh things out, instead of steam rolling through, in order to have their way.

Monday, March 31, 2014

One Liner

March came in like a lion in Portland. May have been a lamb somewhere in the middle, but it's also going out like a lion!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Thoughts on the Ukraine

I'm not a particularly religious guy, but I'm fairly sure I've heard the President and John Kerry describe themselves as Christians. They believe they are following the example(s) Jesus gave us for our earthly walk. Perhaps they need a reminder of one of those examples.

Jesus walked in on a scene where they were preparing to stone a woman to death for committing adultery. I don't remember all the details of who said what; etc., but I do know that what he ended up saying to the crowd was something along the lines of "Let those of you without sin, cast the first stone", which no one did.

Fast forward to 2014. Kerry comes out with "Who does Putin think he is, invading a country which has not provoked him?" Well, let's have a look back at what the US has done in the past 40 years... all UNPROVOKED.
(1) Grenada (1983-1984), (2) Bolivia (1986; ), (3) Virgin Islands (1989), (4) Liberia (1990; 1997; 2003), (5) Saudi Arabia (1990-1991), (6) Kuwait (1991), (7) Somalia (1992-1994; 2006), (8) Bosnia (1993-), (9) Zaire (Congo) (1996-1997), (10) Albania (1997), (11) Sudan (1998), (12) Afghanistan (1998; 2001-), (13) Yemen (2000; 2002-), (14) Macedonia (2001), (15) Colombia (2002-), (16) Pakistan (2005-), (17) Syria (2008; 2011-), (18) Uganda (2011), (18) Mali (2013), (19) Niger (2013), (20) Yugoslavia (1919; 1946; 1992-1994; 1999), (21) Iraq (1958; 1963; 1990-1991; 1990-2003; 1998; 2003-2011) (22) Angola (1976-1992).

Perhaps they should do what Jesus would have them do, and put down the stones.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Good Lord He's At It Again...

White Entertainment Television Network (WET)

Television Lineup for 3/14/14…

7:00 AM- The Brady Bunch

7:30 AM- Cooking With Martha Stewart

8:30 AM- Infomercials Only White People Can Appreciate

9:00 AM- Morning Movie: “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?”

11:00 AM- Jerry Springer

12:00 PM- The 700 Club

2:00 PM- The Steve Wilkos Show

3:00 PM- Afternoon Movie- “A Very Brady Christmas”

5:00 PM- Cooking with Paula Deen

6:00 PM- Full House

6:30 PM- The Andy Griffith Show

7:00 PM- Evening Movie: “The Great White Hope”

9:00 PM- “Sports On WET”: Lacrosse- Alabama Vs. Texas

11:00 PM- Infomercials Only White People Can Appreciate

11:30 PM- Infomercials Only White People Can Appreciate

12:00 PM- Infomercials Only White People Can Appreciate

Monday, February 10, 2014

Beyond My Pay Grade...

Now I've seen EVERYTHING! Have you heard about the rich people's disease that was recently used to keep a rich kid out of prison? It's called Affluenza, and was successfully used as a defense in a Texas courtroom, to defend this kid who killed 4 others while driving drunk. You can't make this shit up...

I heard about it this morning while watching "Democracy Now!" on TV. From their website... "A wealthy teen who killed four people in a Texas drunk driving accident will not go to jail after a judge ruled this week that instead, he must attend an expensive rehabilitation facility paid for by his parents. The driver was 16-year-old Ethan Couch. He was speeding, with a blood-alcohol level more than three times the legal limit.

 Couch has admitted to his crime, and in a case that went before a Texas judge, prosecutors sought a 20-year sentence. Instead, Couch was sentenced to 10 years’ probation after a psychologist claimed he had "affluenza," and testified that his cushy upbringing prevented him from connecting bad behavior with its consequences." What follows is part of a transcript they played on the show...

"911 DISPATCHER: And how many people need EMS?
CALLER: Ma’am, I’m telling you, it’s dark. There’s four or five kids. There’s kids laying in ditches and street.
JUAN GONZÁLEZ: That was a 911 call from last June, when four people were killed by a drunk driver. The driver was 16-year-old Ethan Couch. He was speeding, with a blood-alcohol level more than three times the legal limit. Couch has admitted to his crime, and in a case that went before a Texas judge, prosecutors sought a 20-year sentence. Instead, he was sentenced to 10 years’ probation after a psychologist claimed he suffered from "affluenza," which he described as growing up in a house where the parents were preoccupied with arguments that led to a divorce. On Wednesday, a judge ordered him to go to an expensive rehabilitation facility paid for by his parents."

Am I supposed to actually believe this bullshit? Is this the REAL story of "the poor little rich kid"? I AM DIS GUS  TED!!!

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Another Open Letter to the Portland Trailblazers

Dear Blazers,

I wrote an open letter to you back on December 5th, 2013, where I apologized to you for taking your team too lightly. I pointed out the many surprising strengths the team had displayed since the start of the NBA season. I singled out how I felt about individual players, and complimented the team on having a 16-3 record on that date.

Well, here we are, a little more than 1/2 way through the season, and I'm back to writing you yet another open letter. I hadn't planned to do so, but I feel the need to "reconnect" before the upcoming All Star break. Having both Damian and Lamarcus represent your team and our city as players in that game is impressive, but it's looking like that's where all congratulations end.

Your record is now 34-14, which is not disrespectable, if you want to make it to the playoffs in the Western Conference. However, you have begun to lose games you really shouldn't lose. Last night it was the Wizards, a 24-23 team, and after squeaking by Toronto the other night, you were up-ended by Memphis and Golden State. In other words, you've lost 3 of your last 4 games. In fact, since I sent you my original letter, your record is 18-11, which is slightly better than average; around a "B" in letter grades.

Once again, that old feeling in the pit of my stomach is beginning to grumble. There are several important games with good teams coming up in February, and I'm not convinced you're going to sail through the month. In my humble opinion, it's time to take a look at yourselves, and get back to work! When I've watched you lose (many times now), I've taken note that the only player who truly looks pissed off is Wes Matthews. What about the All Stars?

I'm sure that when you see this, you'll likely think; "Who the hell does that dude think he is"? The answer to that question is simple. I'm just someone who lives in Portland, loves basketball, and has followed this team since 1982. That would be 32 years where the Blazers were in the Finals twice, losing both times. I WANT A CHAMPIONSHIP ok?

1 and 1 since I wrote this... jus' sayin'

Monday, January 27, 2014

I Aint Goin'!

Today is my nephew's annual ISP review. For the uninitiated, ISP stands for Individualized Service Plan, but let me assure you, it's anything but "individualized". I've been "participating" in this for 13 years now. Always with the same results that nothing will ever change in his life, other than his address.

I made a major decision this morning. I aint goin'! The plan is, that soon as I finish here, I'm going to call his case manager and tell her. She knows Suzanne and I well enough to realize what we want for him. INDEPENDENCE... the one thing he'll never get in the system.

Last night I was thinking I'd go and give the "team" a piece of my mind. I wrote down what's troubling me about this process, and planned to read it out loud, leaving each team member a copy. The more I thought about it, the less I felt like actually doing it. As I get older, the less I want to fight. That's the reality. My God, I've been fighting this monster for over 1/2 my life! Time to give it, and me a break. Instead, I've decided to talk about it here; sharing what I wrote, with Suzanne's help last night...

"I’m here today to make a statement about my nephew. For at least 10 years, we’ve been meeting with this team , making suggestions of what we believe would make his life better. Better meaning some kind of PROGRESS. Progress towards independence – like an adult, which he is. Suzanne and I feel that we AND our nephew have been [jerked around] led on a bridge to nowhere – a bridge to continuous dependence, by all the rest of his “team”.  

I have to wonder if there is real sincerity among his *team* members to see him move forward in his life. Yes, he understands when he’ll burn himself when the water is too hot. And, of course, he knows how to leave the house if it’s on fire. He won’t *choke* when he is eating, and his *hygiene* is appropriate. THIS part of the ISP meeting – I have always HATED it. It’s demeaning, it’s stereotypical, it has no respect for the individuality of who HE is, and it subjects HIM to a degrading --- uh, I hate it. Please, Case Manager, you KNOW us and you KNOW him. Just STOP it. I will NOT answer any more if he needs *assistance* with his hygiene. If you need to fill out your form for the authorities, Pllllllllllllllleeze do it on the time you are paid for by the STATE. 

Approximately five years ago, we as his ISP team figured out a *person-centered-plan*, which was paid for by the state. Everyone was in agreement – or so they said -  that this plan should happen. What happened? A few years later we were told that he needs watching 24/7, so that his provider could be paid as much as possible. 

He’s still doing the exact same things, in the exact same places, at the exact same times that he was 5 years ago. I never would have participated in such a planning process if I had known that it was all for naught – at least for him. 

I will no longer go along with this silliness. How many times have we heard from Goodwill, he’s not ready to move along to another job opportunity *in the community*? How many times have we continually heard “not yet”? It’s been years of pestering for speech and language services using his own damn money to pay for it. HIS OWN MONEY???  

You may surmise that I am angry about how he is dealt with in these meetings. You are 100% correct. It is a waste of his, and everyone else’s time. You can go on and finish this meeting, to satisfy a broken system, but it will be without my “participation”.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Untitled Poem

I don’t have health insurance

But I sure have heart disease

And the people in our government

Want to hear me beggin’ “please, please, please.”


I’ve worked here in the USA

Paid taxes, felt the squeeze

Taken care of others , without ever asking

For “please, please, please”


Social Security is a lie

Leaves you dangling in the breeze

It chews you up, and spits you out

Till you cry “please, please, please!”


Well I’m a man who’s dignified

I won’t get on my knees

I want what’s mine; I earned it

No damned “please, please, please!”


So when this story and I come to pass

Tell 'em this man disagrees

With the idea that we all should bow

Asking “please, please, please”

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

People Having Illegal Sex With Food... Again??

Sure, this is a scurrilous tactic to draw folks into your blog, but it works, or you might not be reading this! Right??? Okay, now that you're here to read about something all together different than what the writer is writing about, you may as well stay, and see what I consider the "year in review", on New Years Eve, 2013!

It's been an interesting year alright. With the prediction that something would change the whole worldly picture on 12/20/12 (remember that?) behind us, we've moved into what I like to refer to as "The Golden Age of Mass Confusion", both here and abroad. In other words, nobody has any idea what's going on these days. Not really.

In a speech at the UN, General Admiral (Admiral General?)  Aladeen from the movie "The Dictator", asked the American people: "Why are you guys so anti-dictators? Imagine if America was a dictatorship. You could let 1% of the people have all the nation's wealth. You could help your rich friends get richer by cutting their taxes. And bailing them out when they gamble and lose. You could ignore the needs of the poor for health care and education. Your media would appear free, but would secretly be controlled by one person and his family. You could wiretap phones. You could torture foreign prisoners. You could have rigged elections. You could lie about why you go to war. You could fill your prisons with one particular racial group, and no one would complain. You could use the media to scare the people into supporting policies that are against their interests." He also referred to a bungling Anna Farris as "democracy", which has almost become deluded to a point of no return.

Now we have a Tea Party, a Me Party, and a Please Don't Pee on Me Party calling the shots in our country. I don't know, maybe I should just get back to the task at hand here, I'm pretty sure you know what I mean.

The month we're in now has shown me exactly how confused people are. The ACA (Affordable Care Act) enrollment date has been pushed back once again. I fear that soon there will be millions of other Americans, like myself, who will be uninsured when something catastrophic happens in their lives. I hope that if and when that happens, the government will show some compassion and understanding. On a more positive note, the Ducks won their bowl game last night, and the Blazers continue to baffle all the know-it-alls in the NBA world!

November wasn't bad. Gathering with family is always joyous; even when they see it as an obligation. I never do. I think experiencing my sister's death back in '99 taught me a lesson about the fleetingness of life. As the Buddhists say the "impermanence" of life. A brief warning here... Don't be too casual about showing those you love how you feel. 'Cause you just never know!

Ahh... October. I found myself getting fumed up over the treatment of children receiving special education services in public schools. This subject has been near and dear to my heart for several years, and I wrote a pointed piece on here about what I believe is happening throughout the country. I also was exposed to a story on Sports Center about a Hawaiian surfer who saved thousands (that's right, THOUSANDS) of lives as a lifeguard on a beach where many of the largest waves in the world grab and have their way with people crazy enough to believe THEY would be safe swimming there. Yeah... right.

After a conversation with my brother in mid September, I decided I'd have a hand at writing a book about my experiences working with people having developmental disabilities. After getting to my 5th year of service (no one's ever thanked Me for MY service...), I developed some writer's block in November, but I resolve to get back on it and FINISH it in 2014! Once again Sports Center got me with a story of a weight lifter having Down Syndrome that compelled me to write about him. Started out the month teaming up with Suzanne to produce a video about THE REAL state of the union, following the President's own slightly different version. It's right below here if you missed it.

August found Suzanne and I celebrating our 13th year marriage anniversary. I honestly don't know where I'd be without her! She is my rock! I pondered my own existence in another post when I had one of those days where you realize how small and insignificant you are in the scheme of things. Ever have those kinds of days? I also exploded at Monsanto for the serious damage they've caused throughout the world. Those people piss me off!

In July, I wrote about my nephew, Joseph, who has autism, but has managed to do more world traveling than most of the people I know. The way he's done it is by working his ass off, and saving for his trips. Good for him! It was also the month where it was decided that George Zimmerman was innocent of murdering Trayvon Martin. Of course since then, he's been in all kinds of trouble with just about everyone who crosses his path, but at least his innocence was decided by a bunch of white people. Paula Deen was also exposed as a racist in July, though I hear she's doing well these days too. Maybe George and Paula could hook up and start a band...

I spoke up (no kidding...) about my feelings regarding drug testing poor people who receive government assistance back in June. The people who cry out for this seem to be too chicken to require the same thing from politicians who wear ties and suits, and are paid employees of the government. Go figure... I previously had written a "Manifesto" about poverty and wealth which I stand by today, where I explain why I believe as I do.

I wrote about the little problem I had with being involved in fires as a little kid back in May. It just seems like I was in the wrong places, doing the wrong things, at the wrong times. But I can assure you I've since changed my evil ways. I told y'all about a dog who helps kids with autism and returning veterans. Ricochet's his name. Maggie Thatcher died last May, and I shared my thoughts on her. I also wrote about Hill County Farms, and how they not only exploit people with disabilities, but have caused some of these folks to die. And I started the month off talking about how hard it is these days to get REAL news.

April was an interesting month this year. We had the Boston bombing where once again people found a reason to hate other people. I wrote about West Texas, which was destroyed by a tornado that people were unable to hate, so they all but ignored that story. I explained the back problems I was having then as being almost incapacitating. Guess what? I'm having back problems again! Grrr...! I ended the month writing about how Suzanne and I had pulled off a rarity by suing a school district on behalf of our nephew without a lawyer and WINNING! I'd found the story on the internet of all places...

In March I celebrated Saint Patrick's Day with recalling my memories of going to Ireland with my mom in my mid twenties. What a trip! First I wrote about death. The death of Hugo Chavez (one of my political heroes), Alvin Lee (one of my rock heroes), and the "R" word (one of the most vulgar words in the English language). May they all RIP. I wrote about a very cool film I saw called "Compliance", which I highly recommend! I spoke about the Nazis who read my blog in secret. I finished off the month reflecting on the Prison Industrial Complex, and its' use to continue making rich people richer, while successfully keeping the poor man down.

I began February by talking about something so private to me that I'd held it in for 40 years. My undying devotion to... BASKETBALL!! Later I told the story of what happens when you ask questions from those considered "beyond reproach". It can blow up in your face, but don't EVER let that stop you from doing what is right. It's a spiritual thing I believe in. On my birthday I wrote about the craziness that goes on in the worlds of entertainment, news, and stuff we're not exposed to unless we seek it ourselves. That was some strange stuff, to realize these worlds are all a part of each other now.

On January 14th my daughter turned 28, the same age I was when she was born! I wondered then, as I do now... where's MY grandkid(s)? I also wrote about the Newtown school massacre after watching a speech about gun control by the President. I know my position on the subject is probably controversial, but as a friend once told me; "The truth will make you sick BEFORE it sets you free". I ended the month with my most popular post of the year (over 500 page views). It came from an article I wrote months earlier which was published by John Hopkins University Press.

And that wraps up my year in review. Hope you enjoyed it! Thank you for reading my blog, and may you have a Happy New Year!! It's almost time to dig into some fondue and shrimp cocktails! See ya next year...

Friday, December 20, 2013


I just had a cathartic moment, and decided to write about it here. It was very powerful, and I want to write down what it was about before I loose touch with its' power. These moments are rare in my life.

I was watching a Beach Boys 50 year anniversary special on TV. I was taken by how old the members of the band had become, and was particularly drawn to Brian Wilson, as I'm familiar with the story about his collapse as well as his rise back up.

They played his song "Heroes and Villains", and I found myself almost entranced by the layers of beautiful harmony he'd created. I've heard it before, but not with the whole band involved. What a truly beautiful song!

Right after, that they played a song I grew up listening to that I always liked a lot. "Wouldn't it Be Nice" is a song I remember listening to as a small kid. Something about that song has always made me feel like it was written about me and my life.

Half way through the song I could feel tears beginning to well up in my eyes. Before I knew it, I was crying like a baby; literally sobbing and groaning. I realized that my whole life has been an adventure. I've lived almost 58 years without really understanding life, and the highs and lows we all deal with. It's all been an adventure of who each of us are as individuals and community. When you "get" that message on a cellular level, it almost feels like enlightenment. That was my catharsis.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

An Open Letter to the Portland Trailblazers

Dear Blazers,

I'm writing this as an apology to your basketball team. I've watched 5 or 6 of your games so far this season (all wins), and feel a need to say I'm sorry. Without a doubt, I have underestimated you.

As I looked at your roster before the season began, I admit I was depressed. I picked you to be no better than the 9th or 10th best team in the Western Conference. If I had bet on you back then, I would have surely predicted that you wouldn't come close to making the playoffs. I figured that winning 35 games would be a stretch. Well here you are... with a record of 16-3! Your best start since 1998/99.

When I noticed you got rid of JJ Hickson (one of the brighter spots on last year's team), and brought in Robin Lopez to play center this year, I thought that was a big mistake. I was wrong. Robin has come a long way since being drafted #18 in 2008. His numbers are not far off from JJ's, and he's a MUCH better shot blocker/ defensive presence.

I remember seeing a replay of Nicolas Batum purposely whacking a Spanish player in the nuts during the Olympics. I figured he was a dirty player trying to get an advantage due to his inability to play well. He already has 2 triple doubles this year, and has proven that he can give fits to all the small forwards in the League, both defensively and offensively.

Wes Mathews... I always liked his game, but thought he was far from being one of the best shooting guards in the league. Wrong again! He's averaging over 16 points a game this year, and is tough as nails defensively. Nightly, he's guarding  all stars successfully. He's only 27 years old!

Everyone knows that Damian Lillard was Rookie Of The Year last season, but many people (including myself) waited to see if he is for real. He IS for real! He's averaging 20+ points and a shade under 6 assists a game so far. He's also playing fewer minutes this year due to the acquisition of Mo Williams. The sky's the limit for this kid!

Lamarcus Aldridge... is probably the best Power Forward in the game right now. He's averaging 23.5 points, and 9.7 rebounds a game, good for 6th and 14th (3 guys in front of him in rebounding have 9.9) respectively. NO BODY wants to have to guard him in the league! He's a monster.

You have the best record in the Western Conference. Better than the Spurs, the Thunder, the Clippers, and the Rockets. Other than the Pacers (who you beat 2 nights ago), you have the best record in the league! No one's taking you lightly any more . And that definitely includes Yours Truly.

Monday, October 21, 2013

"Teachers Leave Those Kids Alone"

I need a mantra in order to write this post. Something meditative  and relaxing seems to be in order. Fortunately, I took my blood pressure med this morning, so I should be ok. However, if I start using profanity, please forgive me.

A few hours ago, I came upon this video on my Facebook news feed. A friend posted it, and immediately I watched it. The video is a little bit longer than 6 minutes, and contains a world of deep thought regarding right and wrong. Some of the comments I received (as well as those on my friend's post) show me just how much abuse of people with disabilities effects community.

As is often the case, I have strong opinions myself. Watch the video, and then I'll go on with how I see things.

I'm going to assume you watched the video now. At the 2:10 mark, the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS (Mantra David...), Daniel Domenech really spells out the problem. People like HIM! Who mistakenly believe they MUST restrain kids so they won't "hurt themselves". That is a crock! He's REALLY concerned about teachers being injured. And he's right, before he's done spinning the situation to suit his agenda... he IS a barbarian!

Then you have the story of Corey Foster in NYC which begins at the 3 minute mark, where 5 ADULTS dogpile on a kid because he doesn't want to stop shooting baskets. They KILLED him! The coroner can call it "Cardiac Arrest while being subdued" if they want, but I call it murder!

Later in the tape when they interview the group of kids who HAVE EXPERIENCED this "restraint" themselves, their heads simultaneously nod "no" when asked if THEY believe this works. If THEY aren't the experts here, I guess we should go along with what the self admitted BARBARIAN tells us.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Eddie Would Go

I'm fully aware that my writing on this blog has slowed down recently. I've just had other things I've been working on which have pulled me away from here. However; I just watched a movie from ESPN about a hero that inspired me to jump on here and at least link to it. The man's name was Eddie Aikau, a royal Hawaiian who saved at least 1,000 people as the first lifeguard at Wiamea Bay. That's not where his story ends... (copy and paste the link into your browser)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

You Never Know Unless You Try!

I just got off the phone with my second eldest brother, who brought up a good point. He suggested that I write a book (not a blog) about my experiences in the field/world of developmental disabilities. I think it's time I did.

My perspective would likely be different than 99% of the other books on the same topic. Why? Because I am different in the way I see the whole thing than 99% of the people I know! I'm not better than them, but I've never been on the same team as them.

There are enough folks who look for adoration and accolades in their writings about disability. I want to tell the truth! How will this effect my putting time into this blog? I don't know. I guess we'll have to see...

Monday, September 09, 2013

Overcoming Labels

I LOVE this kind of story! I think it has something to do with the work I do. I'm sure this blog never would have come to be if it wasn't for people like Jon Stoklosa. He might be considered by some to be an "underdog" in life. Let me tell you... he's anything but!

Sure, he has a label, but he is so much more than any label! To watch the video, click on the arrow at the bottom.


Tuesday, September 03, 2013

State of the Union- Labor day 2013

My wife and I were talking yesterday about what's going on in the world and America right now. The truth is that no matter how you see things, we're undeniably in some turbulent times. We decided to create a video that would reflect what's going on, both positive and negative. This is our finished product with a sound track by Blood Sweat and Tears...

Monday, August 26, 2013

Monsanto V. Crocodiles

On 60 Minutes last night, they did a piece about crocodiles along the Amazon River in Africa. Did you know that each year 100 people are eaten by these monsters? Of course there are countless other creatures who are also predated by crocodiles, but my own opinion is that 100 people are a lot!

Watching this on my TV brought up thoughts about other monsters that exist in the world. Of course there's those great white sharks that have been known to kill man as well as other creatures. And you also have Grizzly Bears, often referred to as monsters too. But in my book, Monsanto is a much larger and scarier monster than all of natures' combined!

Of course they are much more subtle, and there are many who don't even believe they are a danger, but don't be fooled! Aunt Jemima, Aurora Foods, Banquet, Best Foods, Betty Crocker, Bisquick, Cadbury, Campbells, Capri Sun, Carnation, Chef Boyardee, Coca Cola, ConAgra, Delicious Brand Cookies, Duncan Hines, Famous Amos, Frito Lay, General Mills, Green Giant, Healthy Choice, Heinz, Hellmans, Hershey’s, Holsum, Hormel, Hungry Jack, Hunts, Interstate Bakeries, Jiffy, KC Masterpiece, Keebler, Kelloggs, Kid Cuisine, Knorr, Kool-Aid, Kraft/Phillip Morris, Lean Cuisine, Lipton, Loma Linda, Marie Callenders, Minute Made, Morningstar, Mrs. Butterworths, Nabisco, Nature Valley, Nestle, Ocean Spray, Ore-Ida, Orville Redenbacher, Pasta-Roni, Pepperidge Farms, Pepsi, Pillsbury, Pop Secret, Post Cereals, Power Bar Brand, Procter and Gamble, Quaker, Ragu, Rice-A-Roni, Schweppes, Smart Ones, Stouffers, Tombstone Pizza, Totinos, Uncle Ben’s, Unilever, and V8 are all companies under the Monsanto umbrella.

You'd need to be some kind of scientist to know which (if not all?) of these companies use genetically modified organisms in their products, but Monsanto has a long standing reputation for using them. If that's the case, no one in America is safe from this monster!...What to do?

For one thing, maybe it's time to rethink your idea of what a "monster" really is and isn't. Maybe the "monsters" we REALLY need to fear are not made by Mother Nature, but by Man himself.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Reflection and Projection

I've been feeling a bit melancholy lately. I go through these periods every so often; feeling like I haven't yet left any real mark of significance on this world, and realizing I'm not going to live forever. I used to make light of it when I was younger, but the meaning now seems to walk beside me as I age.

I just want to know that my existence wasn't in vain. I want assurance that the challenges I've faced and the battles I've fought meant something to someone beside myself. Maybe my real problem is that enough is never enough for me. Insatiable ego. I also find myself wondering if other people feel the same way. If they do, I think they mainly keep it to themselves, rather than plastering it on the internet for the world to see.

What brought me out here today was the song "Landslide" by Stevie Nicks. As I listened to it, an overwhelming feeling of longing swept over me. Flashing on many of the people who have come and gone throughout my life, and others that remain in it. I want to tell them all that I love them and think of them often. That's the truth. I know there are some people I've hurt, but that was never my intention. I'm just a lumbering human who has pushed some people around.

There is some solace in knowing that my writings have produced almost 40,000 page views of this blog, and my hope is that it's inspired some people somehow.