Sunday, January 14, 2007

What Would Dr. King Say?

Being relatively new to the blog universe, I’m trying to figure out how this all works. Thankfully, I’m honored to be associated with the multi-talented Magenta who set this up. Left to my own devices I’d probably either flounder eternally in cyber space or throw this computer through a window. I’ve never been know for patience.

This leads me to the reason I’m posting today. I’ve been thinking about the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. more than usual the last few days. With the celebration of his birth and all the accompanying activities upon us, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting and sharing with Magenta on what he was all about. His vision for this country and his “Dream” for all people will be the topic of many public events tomorrow. I wonder how much we’ll be hearing about his patience.

I have heard far too often that people with developmental and physical disabilities have come a long way in society over the years. Some of the examples cited are along the lines of “most of the state run institutions that once housed folks are no longer in operation”. That saves those states a good amount of money. People tell you “self direction is much more prevalent than it used to be”. You’ll also hear "children with disabilities are now more included at school than ever before”. Without available resources, it really doesn’t mean much does it?. I’d say these are questionable signs of progress, and not nearly good enough

75% of people having disabilities are poor in this country. That sucks!
35% of people with disabilities are employed. 78% of people without disabilities are employed. That sucks!
46% of people with disabilities in the U.S. report having to go without needed medical equipment. That sucks too!

If Dr. King had focused on ideas such as “at least we’re no longer slaves” in 1963 or had written a speech where he proclaimed “I have a wish list!” the Black civil rights movement would have gone nowhere. He made demands. He made some people very angry. He raised his voice and shook his fist. He was impatient. It’s my hope that readers of this blog will get in touch with their own impatience and refuse to settle any longer.


Connie said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere Captain! A post in the Disability Carnival is a great way to make an entrance. We'll be seeing you around!

captaiN dandY said...

Thanks for the welcome Connie. I haven't posted at the Carnival yet but someone (you?) posted my MLK piece. Stop by any time!

Connie said...

Hi captaiN dandY!

I wasn't the one to give you the BOOST! on the Disability Carnival. That was Penny's doing. I think she sometimes goes trolling for interesting posts, as do we all!