Friday, February 23, 2007

Anonymous People

I’m wondering why someone would comment on a post as “Anonymous”? Is it a fear of being recognized as someone who reads your blog? Is it that they are in some sort of secret society and have pledged to cloak their identity? Could it be that they are really really important people, unable to risk being seen in a blog?

There’s a “spy” vibe that goes along with “Anonymous” comments. The passing of information from an unknown source. There’s even a possibility of trickery, where a blogger could post an “Anonymous” comment, and get blamed for what is written, if untrue. A set-up perhaps.

Yesterday I received an “Anonymous” comment regarding the Ron Chinn situation. I won’t publish it because it contains information that is very possibly false. I don’t want false information attributed to me. I don’t believe in making stuff up.

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