Saturday, February 03, 2007

It's On...

Okee dokee… I gave the P&A’s Executive Director an opportunity to right the wrong done to my deceased friend, and he has chosen to ignore my grievance on her behalf. Now it’s on! This weekend I’ll fully prepare and send it on to their Board. They will not have “15 working days” to respond either.
Once again in the great state of Oregon the disability “advocates” are making it clear that transparency, accountability, and truth are not a part of their agenda. It seems to be more about being quoted as an expert or photo-ops. I’ll never understand why some of these people don’t go to work for Avon, where their plastic smiles would fit in nicely. Instead they profess to take the lead on the issues that affect people with disabilities in a big way and turn them into cartoons.
It’s sad and scary at the same time. They have become so indoctrinated into the mindset of “don’t make waves and protect your own” that they’ve lost touch with why they got into the disability business in the first place. This is not nearly good enough for people with disabilities in our state and it will be brought to bear.

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