Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Disablism Day Reflections

Due to some pressing matters I haven’t been blogging much lately. I’ve been holding out and holding on... to hope. Hope that people will awaken to the fact that civil and human rights are continually violated in the US of A daily in the personhood of people with disabilities. Preaching to the choir? I hope not.

I was talking to a guy last week about why I am the way I am. There’s a part of me that places principles before relationships. I figure that I have a limited time here on Earth, and I want to affect as much positive change as I can before my life is over. It’s almost to a point of obsession. If that means people not liking me because I don’t whisper or play nice, so be it.

1.) It sucks that a smaller group of people control the government, the resources, the media, and the decisions in the name of the larger group. Why aren’t more people up in arms??

2.) YOU CAN defend a woman’s right to choose and abhor the euthanasia of innocent people.

3.) YOU CAN be a progressive person and believe that life is sacred and should be treated as such.


5.) Incremental change is for the fearful. Immediate change is for the brave.

6.) Bargaining and rationalizing is a foreign concept to TRUTH.

7.) I’d rather have someone speak to me incorrectly and treat me right, than to have someone speak to me correctly and screw me. (That seems to be the latest trend)

8.) The truth will make you sick BEFORE it sets you free.

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Anonymous said...

The long wait for a social security hearing is shameful and actually a tease and an insult to human rights.There are so many of us who have worked throughout our lives and never anticipated an illness preventing us from continuing to work.So instead of being supported by our government we are ignored for more then two years.That wait without an income robs us of everything that we have worked for all those years.In my case I need another surgery as my fusion failed but I can't afford it.So I am waiting in lala land ,not knowing when the day will come when I could appear in front of the judge .I wonder if the day will ever come.It is diffficult to have pain 24/7 and watch my own degenerative condition and limitations progress but to be robbed of an opportunity to maybe get better is a violation of my human right to heal.
Two years is a long long time.These two years feel like serving a sentence for becoming ill -how sad is that.