Tuesday, July 10, 2007


6 young black men in Louisiana face over 100 years of combined prison time for their participation in a fight at school? Can you spell r-a-c-i-s-m??

I saw this story on Democracy Now! this morning, and had a hard time believing what I was seeing and hearing. You really have to check out the whole sordid story for yourself. There’s just too much information for me to write on this blog.

One of the very interesting aspects to the story is what the District Attorney did to keep one of the student’s parents from speaking out about this travesty. He simply put the parents on his witness list in order to silence them during their son’s trial.

This lawyer never actually called them up to the witness stand for questioning, but was well aware that by having them on the list they wouldn’t be allowed to talk about the trial. Slick, huh?

Where the hell has justice gone? Legal procedure trumps justice and fairness at every turn in this country these days. It’s no longer about right and wrong, our justice system is now about meeting minimal legal requirements. It’s not about guilt or innocence any more, it’s about being good at maneuvering and manipulating the system to avoid accountability. How and when did we get here?

I believe we need to re access what we want this country to look like It’s time to stop sitting back idly while injustice runs free in our cities, states, and nation. “We the people” must no longer allow the shameless, psychologically damaged, charlatans, who currently call the shots in this country, to continue doing so.

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