Friday, October 19, 2007

$15 Per Hour Plus Bonuses

Yesterday I was checking out Craigslist for jobs when I came upon a most unusual ad. It was for a caregiver, but not just any caregiver. No; the ad was seeking an “Executive caregiver”, a term I’d never heard of in over 23 years of working in social services. The ad said they were looking for someone who is “exceptional, intuitive, and caring”; all qualities I possess, so I decided to check out the website link toward the bottom of the ad.

When I went to the site, I was a bit confused. The home page had a photo of a table in a grassy meadow, taken on a Summer’s day. On this table sits a bottle of blush wine and a basket of flowers with a green field in the background. I asked myself; “What does this have to do with caregiving?” The question was sort of answered when I scrolled over to the right. It read; “Like the proven quality of a fine wine”, a person’s name, and a quote; “A cut above the rest”. This was kinda spooky, but I was intrigued, so I continued.

I clicked on the “about” button to be taken to another page. This one had a photo of the person laid over another photo of pretty pink flowers. The writing identified this woman as a certified nurse’s assistant with some of the following qualities as a caregiver. It said she’s “Accustomed to affluent clients”, and indeed “a cut above the rest”. At this point I wasn’t totally sure if this was or wasn’t some sort of gag, as I found myself laughing. I couldn’t resist. I clicked on the “background” button to see exactly what this whole thing is about.

This page lists her qualifications on top of yet more pretty pink flowers. It says she does Business development, Biblical studies, Skin care facials, Professional makeup artist, and Personal shopper/High end retail, among other more practical tasks. May God strike me dead if I’m lying! On the “private caregiver” page she says she offers Chauffer service and wardrobe management. I couldn’t take it any more. I had to call this woman to find out if I am Executive caregiver material.

She answered the phone on the first half of the first ring. I told her I was calling in regard to the ad on Craigslist. She jumped right in to telling me what the job is about. She said she wants to train a team of “polished professionals to assist affluent clients” in their homes. She told me it would be similar to being a butler. She never mentioned helping them with any of their medical needs or anything related to caregiving, but she did mention it would involve “serving their guests”. She then said the line about “a cut above the rest”, and I couldn’t help it... I started laughing out loud. I quickly caught myself and managed to say; “I’m not so sure about that, but it is very different caregiving.”

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