Sunday, February 17, 2008

Let's Go

I have nothing to lose. The threats of this country such as law suits and jail time don’t scare me one bit. In my mind, right is right, and wrong is wrong. I’m going to tell it like it is, and let the chips fall where they may. Suzanne is asleep in our bed and knows nothing of my actions. She has nothing to do with this writing.

Linda Lund was my supervisor at SCVP, the day program that Tracey attended. Her good friend, Amanda Snell-Garcia was her choice as Tracey’s Healthcare Representative. Vicki Danielson was Tracey’s County Case Manager. Bill Toomey was Vicki’s supervisor. Rosalinda Asai was Tracey’s Foster Care Provider. And I was Tracey’s friend.

I believe that this group of people, beside me; failed to get her treatment, and led to her dying of cancer without weighing Tracey’s options. I also believe that the state of Oregon and Oregon Advocacy Center were complicate in allowing this to happen. I further believe that Michael T. Bailey, Jan Campbell, and Michael Levine and Bob Joondeph of OAC, were party to the cover up of the facts shared with them regarding the medical neglect which led to Tracey’s death. Now that these people are named and accused, I want them to prove me wrong. I can prove me right. Let's go.

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