Thursday, March 13, 2008

Are You Sleeping?!?

I was going to copy a story of the torture and murder of a woman in Alton, Illinois who had a developmental disability. The details are horrid and disgusting. It’s the kind of stuff that makes one feel nauseous. It makes one want to do something. Then I got to thinking.

I’ve written about similar stories on this blog before. In fact, as recently as March 7th, I put a story out there of medical neglect of an Oregonian with mental health issues who eventually committed suicide. And guess what? No comment.

Are people so numb that stories like these are unimportant to them? Are the people who tell you “nobody really cares” correct? It simply amazes me.


Anonymous said...

I addressed a part of this issue on my own blog and I really don't think people care. Well maybe they do care but they are numb to it like you say.

We are so afraid of offending or crossing the line especially in the medical field (maybe has to do with the huge amount of lawsuites?) that we try to ignore rather then address these individuals. Many also have family which are in denial (like my own family) which if they had to deal with a family member with a mental condition they would refuse to believe it.

Thank you for sharing & enjoy your blog.


David McDonald said...

Not sure exactly what you mean about the medical field, but I've heard others complain about the treatment (or lack thereof) they've received from families in denial.