Wednesday, April 16, 2008

An Open Letter to Portland Dog Owners

Dear Dog Owners,

As the warmer and drier weather approaches, many of you who spent the Winter in your houses are now comfortable enough to take walks in the morning. That's a good thing; God bless you. I see you out with your pooches in my neighborhood by the score.

I also see the piles of feces being carelessly left behind on the green spaces between the street and the sidewalk. I see dogs running ahead of you, unleashed and unsupervised as you take in the fresh air you've been missing.

I want to believe that you are unaware of the messes your dogs are leaving in your neighbor's yards. You are so friendly and quick to smile and nod as you walk past me. I don't want to think that you are so selfish that you think it's ok for your dog to poop in your neighbor's yard as you continue your morning jaunt. I recently confronted one of you only to be told; " It happens in my yard too", as if that justifies your behavior.

Let's see if a little responsibility won't remedy this problem. Carry a bag, pick up your dog's poop, and follow the leash law the same way you follow the many other civil laws in our city.

Thanks so much,

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