Saturday, May 31, 2008

In Smalltown USA

Even in my little hometown stuff goes down around the exploitation and abuse of vulnerable people. I was just looking at the local paper online when I ran into a piece about residents being stolen from, and staff “advising” them not to contact the police. I tell you, it’s epidemic. From the Southampton Press...

Southampton Village

A resident of the Hamptons Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing told Village Police on May 22 that someone stole $61 from his room. The complainant also said the staff discouraged him from reporting the incident to police. A short time later, another resident reported money that she kept in her Bible inside her purse was stolen. The resident said $40 was taken about a week ago, but she did not report it. Later, a third resident reported that $420 had gone missing from her room in August last year, but she was advised by the staff not to call the police. She also alleged that $105 went missing in January. Police said the staff social worker at the center recorded reports of the missing money.

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