Monday, August 11, 2008

Tropic Thunder Protests

It's all over the internet. The uproar over the movie Tropic Thunder is moving along as I suspected it would. The disability community across the country has plans to protest the opening of this movie throughout the US and beyond. People tried to warn Dreamworks that they wouldn't stand for this "film" to be released without them editing it first. That would have meant rewriting, editing, and reshooting the movie, which I knew they wouldn't do.

So now we have an interesting scenario where you'll be seeing scores of protesters in front of theaters where it will be shown. Ben will no longer be a crowd favorite (as with Jack and Robert), but will be crucified in the media when it comes to light that their attempt at crude humor was a big mistake.

I can see it now. Ben Stiller answering questions about why it's being slammed. He'll talk about it as an afront toward actors who go to great lengths to "make it big". He won't be able to explain how he could make such a hurtful film, knowing the disability community warned him not to.


Jennifer Bartlett said...

I want to know how we could mobilize the disability community to take further action. Would anybody be interested in putting together a march in New York. This goes much further than a word or a silly movie. We need to mobilize and convince the so-called able-bodied community that we deserve stuff like equal employment rights. equal pay, affirmative action. complete inclusion in schools,complete intergration into the media and disability studies and sensitivity in schools. How can we do this?

10,000 people marched in Paris...why can't we?

movie junkie said...

Ben Stiller has a track record of doing anything for a laugh

David McDonald said...

Imagine... causing pain in the lives of millions of Americans to preserve one's "track record". Sounds kinda like narcisism doesn't it?