Monday, September 15, 2008

Multnomah County Secrets

Being one who doesn’t take things lying down, it’s time to tell you about Multnomah County’s Developmental Disabilities Program, and their sincere desire to be a void in communication.

On August 19th I filed a formal request for public information about a guy I knew a few years back who has since died. I’m suspicious because of 2 facts that I’m aware of.

1.)His thigh bone had been broken, and no one seemed to know how it happened.
2.)He was prescribed and given Hydrocodone for the pain, which is a synthetic for Acetomenaphine and Codeine, both of which he was allergic to according to his medication sheet. The Codeine was not present in the drug, but the Acetomenaphine was.

I wrote Incident Reports on both of these issues, and want to make sure they are both still in existence, as I feel responsible that his case be looked at without prejudice. After hearing nothing by September 2nd, I called the county and spoke with a Leslie Goodloe-Baldwin who is in charge of protective services investigations for Multnomah County.

She wanted to know why I was requesting information, and I told her exactly why. She told me that all they would be able to send me was “allegations” and the results. I said that would be fine.

After not hearing from her by the 8th, I emailed her supervisor, Patrice Botsford asking her to pass on my 2nd request to Ms. Goodloe-Baldwin. You see, on their website, Patrice is the only email address listed. I have yet to hear from anyone at Multnomah County. Perhaps my interest in what happened to my old friend has caused them to try and hide his fate. I don’t know for sure. But I won’t give up trying to find out what happened to him.

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