Saturday, October 11, 2008

Public Education

Yesterday I submitted an application to blog on I figure, what the hell, maybe I can reach some more of the general public about the challenges folks with developmental disabilities face. Any time you can bring this stuff to light is a good time. Educating the public is something never really tried in our state.

Last night I received the following email from the person in charge of the whole operation... David, This seems like it could be a fascinating blog and a really great talking-point for our readers. Can you point me in the direction of some samples of your work?

I sent them back a link to DAWG Oregon, so they could check me out. Then I got to thinking about what they’d written. This person sees the whole disability issue as fascinating! I find THAT fascinating. They also believe that such a blog would be a really great talking point for our readers. I hope they are right. It’s about time people outside the disability community began to talk about this stuff.

When you consider all the never prosecuted abuse, neglect, violence, exploitation, poverty, homelessness, hunger, drug and alcohol addiction, jail time and hatred these folks experience, I hope they’re right.

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Terrell Dougan said...

Thanks for posting this! I have a sister who has a developmental disability, and recently chronicled my adventures in growing up with her in my new memoir, That Went Well: Adventures in Caring for My Sister. If you’d like to learn more about it, do drop by my website,