Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Suffer The Children

It’s kind of confusing when you keep getting these mixed messages of where the economy is right now. From the AP...

Economy Forcing Children's Center To Close
Christie Care Will Close In 2 Weeks

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A local children's care facility was hit hard by the economic crisis, forcing it to close its doors.
The Children's Receiving Center, also known as Christie Care, said some of its programs can't rely on state funding anymore.
In about two weeks, a local resource center for children and their families will have to shut its doors.
News of the Christie Care having to close hit home with a lot of families who rely on the program.

The organization used to receive five cents on the dollar from the state to fund its various programs. But with the economic crisis in full swing, that's become too much for the state.
Christie Care is one of the only resource centers in the nation that helps children who are either abused or neglected. The program takes in children to provide them with support services while keeping them in familiar environments.
The organization prides itself on keeping siblings together, but Friday the Oregon Department of Human Services said the cost to keep the Children's Center open is too much.
So in two weeks, Christie Care will shut down operations. It's something the director said will be very hard to do.
"I think the people who are most affected by this transition period -- again DHS may pick up the services and provide them in a different way -- are the children and families that have relied on that service to meet their interim needs," said Lynne Saxton, the director of Christie Care.
Even though Christie Care is closing, it will still answer its crisis hot line.
The director said the organization is hopeful that in the future the state will find money to start up the program once again.

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