Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Legislative Trickery At Its Best

Ultimately, the legislature is responsible for their “Oregon Channel”, and how it shows us the goings on in their sessions. I was just watching the testimony of “invited” people and “general comments” from commoners regarding the taking down of dams in our rivers.

Of course, the “invited” participants were viewed as the experts, and given all the time they wanted or needed for giving their reasons why this is a good thing for Oregon. Then it came time for the citizens to testify. This began at 4:55 PM. As these folks went on with their reasons for NOT wanting these dams removed, at exactly 5:00 the channel flipped to their usual airing of who our local representatives are. I guess they think that telling us for HOURS upon HOURS who the city councils are in Fairview, Gresham, and Portland is good enough.

These folks should take their heads out of their a**es and realize there are people watching THEIR channel who are fed up with their attempts to dupe the public. If we only get ½ the story, how are we to know what we want???

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