Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Goodbye Leftyblogs

There was a time in the not-so-distant past where the term “lefty” stood for left wing politics. The values associated with being a left winged person included justice, equality for all, and caring about/for “the People”. I must have not been paying attention when that changed.

Now the term “lefty” seems to be more about I “left” those values behind, in favor of getting along, not making waves, and abandoning “the people”. It’s capitalism in its purest form. Looking out for number 1.

Last week a post showed up on Leftyblogs titled “The Retards are Mad”. I found the title to be upsetting, but was blown away when I read the content. Bigotry at its worst. There were at least 26 clicks from readers of Leftyblogs on this post, and an additional 25 clicks on my response to it. These are clicks not comments. It’s as if the readers/writers of Leftyblogs see nothing to comment on about hate speech. Those who did comment are not associated with Leftyblogs.

So... I can’t pretend the lack of caring about bigotry and hate doesn’t bother me. Nor can I pretend that I feel anything close to kindred with the people involved with Leftyblogs. Therefor, I’m asking that the administration of Leftyblogs not post anymore from my blog. I am removing the link I have to Leftyblogs from my blog, and wish to sever any connection I have with Leftyblogs from here on.

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