Monday, March 16, 2009

"A Huge Pain In The A**"

An anonymous human being saw fit to call me "a huge pain in the a**" in a comment on my blog this past weekend. It was in relationship to my complaint about elected officials ignoring constituents when contacted. At first, I found myself angry that a stranger, who doesn't know me, would take a pot shot at me in such a way. I responded with my own comment about their obvious lack of courage.

Then I got to thinking. I AM A PAIN IN THE ASS. As a non-neutral reporter of what I see around me, I'd be as cowardly as the anonymous commenter if I wasn't. The way I see it, the huge pains in the a** in this world have brought about more positive change than all the "nice" people who are willing to let the truth go unstated.

So, thank you, anonymous commenter! You accidentally complimented me on my blog, and in my desire to see truth and justice served. May I be a pain in the a** all the days of my life.

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