Saturday, April 04, 2009

Leftyblogs Is A Cult... I'm Serious!

Leftyblogs Oregon has all the telltale signs that they are a bonifide cult! I kid you not. This morning I got an Anonymous comment from yesterday's "Leftyblogs Sucks" post. The person claimed to be a woman who wrote "Good. I'm tired of being insulted whenever I happen to click on one of your posts on a link from BlueOregon. I'm not a contributor, not a big commenter, just a regular person who likes to read news/commentary and generally keeps her opinions to herself."

It's like "You call out one of us (Porky and Torrid Joe in this case), you call out all of us." Defending the cult to the end. And like many victims of cults, she also must like to be insulted if she keeps clicking on the link to DAWG Oregon. L. Ron Porky has obviously succeeded in controling this woman's mind. You'd think she'd contact the leader himself, to tell him to get rid of me.

Speaking of contacting the leader... I wrote to Porky this morning telling him I don't want to fight with him, but I will until he removes me from his Capitalist cult. I see he hasn't. But like all cults, once you get in, they never want to let you out.


Idler said...

Happened to find your blog through Leftyblogs. That's a good thing, isn't it?

Anyway, enjoyed reading through some of your posts. Don't happen to share all your views, but appreciate your spirit.

-Anthony O'Donnell

Kari Chisholm said...

Just for the record, David has asked me to remove this blog from the system.

And we've honored that request.

(And no, I don't have any idea what he's so upset about.)

David McDonald said...

Pissed off is more acurate. When the "progressive" bloggers in Oregon allow hate speech directed at folks with developmental disabilities to go unchecked, it pisses me off.

That's exactly what happened with this post from His Vorpal Sword on There were 25 clicks on it with no comments. There were another 30 clicks on my response post "Gonna Need More Than A Vorpal Sword" and not one word said from these good bloggers.

Free speech only goes so far. I can only imagine what the backlash would be if he'd chosen black people or hispanic people or gay people for this spit.

21 March 2009...8:49 am
Retards Are Mad
Spastics and retards (or, as is preferred, Spazzo-Americans) are in high dudgeon over remarks on the Tonight Show comparing bad bowling to something you’d see in the Special Olympics.

Because, as we all know, the Special Olympics are a haven of unbroken grace and agility, as well-trained athletes compete with a feral intensity seldom seen outside of the rain-forest, or the veldt of Africa: the grace of the gazelle, the power of the lion, the creepiness of the hyena.
Because, it would seem, one can’t deprecate one’s self enough: there are an army of fake-offended smear merchants ever-ready to take up the cause of the spastic, the drooler, the imbecile and yes, the retard. Mother of what we used to call a mongoloid (hereinafter the Momgoloid) Sarah Palin says she’s “shocked.”*
[* This, after Governor Momgoloid rejected $171 million in stimulus funds for education, which includes about $6 million for special education and special needs students.]
Because, as we all know, Down’s Syndrome children and other retards are very sensitive about being retarded, and don’t like people pointing out that they’ve stuck three fingers up their nose, or that they’re eating their own poop.
How anyone could make such a cruel metaphor points out that President Obama doesn’t have a good sense of humor, at least according to Michelle Malkin, who would gleefully savage any Spazzo-American (or disabled child) who made the mistake of being a Democrat or a Liberal.
Funny how the cruelest people in our society — those against welfare or any special help for the disabled, the unemployed, the victims of disaster — would so willingly take up the cause of the offended spastics.
Or, rather, virtually no spastics or retards have actually been offended, only people taking offense ON THEIR BEHALF.*
[* The basis of every case of censorship that I have ever seen, please note. It's always about someone ELSE being offended, to which no one ever says: if they're offended, they'll let us know, won't they?]
But for two days, brave journalists, afraid that the delicate sensibilities of imbeciles, droolers and retards, have savaged a self-deprecating joke about how Obama believes that his bowling looks like something out of the Special Olympics.
Astonishing that this obscure reference would even be understood by 99% of Americans, isn’t it? I mean, there is nothing graceless, herky-jerky, or just plain fucking pathetic about the way that some retards try to do the simplest things, like putting on their shirts, or trying to put on and tie their shoes. Or bowl.
Just amazing that such a comparison would mean anything, since it’s obviously a vicious stereotype that would make retards cry, if only they weren’t so dumb that they didn’t understand the delicate nuances of Politically Correct euphemism and would only basically blurt out the uncomfortable truth:
Which, evidently, is something that most of our fake-offended press and Right Wing smear merchants identify with.
But I have a feeling that Spazzo Americans would be genuinely offended — rather than faux offended — at being lumped in with the likes of Andrew Malcolm, Michelle Malkin, Ed Morrissey (who LOOKS like he has Down’s Syndrome), and the rest of the Ugly Americans taking up their cause.
And I mean that last euphemistic term — too often — literally.
Now, don’t offend the delicate sensibilities of morons any more, President Obama.
Nor those eligible for the Special Olympics, whom the morons defend by being offended on their behalf.

Hart Williams said...

"Free speech only goes so far."

But you call Kari "Porky" and censor any comment on your vile hypocrisy?

A mind is a terrible thing to lose, Davie McDumbo, and, in your case, a clue is a lonely thing to get.

David McDonald said...

Umm... Hart; before you bust a blood vessel in your brain... I did publish your other comment. In fact, I saw it as worthy of its own post.

It's in full glory in "So Much More Than A Comment." You can chaeck it out there.

Davie McDumbo