Friday, April 03, 2009

Leftyblogs Sucks

Ok, so I told the administrators of Leftyblogs to stop including posts from my blog on their own Capitalist blog, and they didn’t listen. I know they read posts because Torrid Joe commented on my blog on 3/22/09 regarding my post titled “Lefty Blogs Strikes Again” from the previous day. What is their problem?

Do they plan to keep putting my posts up? Even if I type “Kari Chisolm is a reincarnation of Porky Pig”? Even if I say “Torrid Joe doesn’t know the difference between a basketball blog and a political blog”? What about if I write “The people who read posts from Leftyblogs are as progressive as the republicans they complain about”. I don’t know.

I guess until they cut me loose, I’ll just write about how stupid they are.

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