Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hard Economic Times Hit My Home

Everyone is feeling the crunch of the economic crisis in our country. My wife and I are not immune from the sting of trying to stay afloat these days. Some of what we’ve been forced to sacrifice has made life seem unbearable.

Last week is a good example. The bill for my Blackberry came in, and I was unable to pay it. I’ll have to return it soon, being stuck without a cell phone, and having to resort to using a land line. To tell you the truth, we can’t even afford our daily trips to Starbucks any more. Times are hard!

We haven’t been out for a meal in over two weeks. If that’s not unfair, what is? Basic cable? It’s on the horizon. Selling off one of our cars? It’s a real possibility. We’ve even started using Walmart’s knock-off conditioner! I’m not sure what we’ll have to do to survive, but please, say a prayer for us.

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