Friday, May 08, 2009

Here We Go Again...

Yesterday I received the Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities 2008 Annual Report. Suzanne and I went over it together in the evening. She pointed out that if you look carefully at the photo on page 3, you can see me in the background at the community forum in Salem from back in December of 07 dealing with abuse and neglect. I'm the only one with my hand raised; probably asking about accountability.

I decided this morning that I want to do a DAWG Oregon 2008 Annual Report, updating my readers of what DAWG has been up to. Here it is...

* Placed my disability related blog on Leftyblogs Oregon in an attempt to educate the public on disability issues.

* Set up a working group of citizens to figure out what to do around abuse and neglect issues in the lives of developmentally disabled adults.

* Participated in a legislative abuse/neglect group in Salem; putting together legislation around prosecuting abusers and a registry to identify them.

* Suggested to anyone who would listen that Healthcare Representatives should be put in place for non verbal people BEFORE they have a medical crisis. So far that's gone no where.

* Suggested to any one who would listen that protocals should be in place for people who ride Trimet Lift in the summer around heat. So far that's gone no where.

* Became an Independent Contractor for people receiving Medicaid dollars relating to their developmental disability.

* Set up a focus group to deal with abuse and neglect issues.

* Participated in the Portland Police Developmental Disabilities Advisory Committee until one of the people responsible for my friend's death began showing up.

* Testified before the Multnomah County Board twice around corruption in their developmental disabilities office.

* Participated in the Coalition Against Hate Crimes in Portland until I realized their leadership doesn't care about people with developmental disabilities.

2008 was indeed a mixed bag of successes and failures for DAWG Oregon, But at least I'm honest about it.

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