Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Productivity, Integration, and Independence

I've been combing through the new rules around services to developmentally disabled adults living in the community. Beside the fact that these rules often contradict each other, making unterpretation almost impossible, there is a subtle message that the desired outcome is these folks should no longer act like they have a developmental disability. I find this disturbing.

DHS wants these folks to be productive, integrated, and independent citizens. That's what they seem to be saying. However; if that were truly the case, Vocational Rehabilitation would be taking on new customers to help them find employment. There's your productivity. Section 8 would also be taking on new customers to assist in finding them housing in the community. There's your integration and independence.

I don't think DHS cares about much beyond "image" (see yesterday's posts). Neither of these programs are doing anything to help people with developmental disabilities in Oregon. Instead, they write rules requiring Independent Contractors (such as myself), and Provider Organizations to assist in meeting these goals. They've even combined Community Living Support with Community Inclusion Support, which is like saying apples and oranges are now known as apanges. I guess we'll have to see how this all plays out (or fight it).

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