Sunday, June 07, 2009

Anonymous Assistance

Just when I thought I wouldn't receive any help in understanding what's going on in the Gregory Rold case, I got this comment, sent anonymously to my post titled "Somebody Help Me".

"gregory was not black. he was from micronesia and he was mentally ill. gregory was a loving man but the mind of a child. sometimes he was not easy to be around but he didnt deserve to die. he was laid to rest yesterday. we will not let this situation and senseless killing go away. i have been with the family since they came to the united states and i will continue to help them get justice."

As I've mentioned several times, I don't post "anonymous" comments on my blog, but thought this was interesting enough to post about myself. I'm aware that Gregory was from the Marshall Islands, but the police probably saw him as black. And if he had the "mind of a child", I still contend that he probably had a developmental disability. If he was laid to rest yesterday, the investigation must have been completed (I hope...). Sooo...where's the info. on that??

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