Monday, June 01, 2009

Somebody Help Me

I've not followed a murder investigation (like this one) before. I admit it... I'm in over my head here. I think what I need is someone to help me understand what is, or might be going on. Any commentary that might fit that need is more than welcomed.

It's been 9 days since Gregory Rold died at the hands of 4 Salem Police Officers, who tased him and beat him with batons until he lost consciousness. Shortly after, he died at the Salem Hospital. The officers were placed on administrative leave pending an investigation by the state police.

Seems to me interviews should have taken place by now. The 4 officers, Gregory's mom, hospital staff, EMS, and other people who either saw or heard what happened. How long should that take? Am I just too impatient? Does anyone else see this as going too slowly? I've contacted the Chair of the Salem Human Rights Commision and the Attorney General's office. They are both aware of what the story is. Shouldn't they be able to move this investigation along?

Whatever the case may be, I have to wonder if this is moving so slowly because Gregory was black, there were 4 policemen involved, or they've since discovered Gregory was developmentally disabled. You can call me paranoid or a pain in the ass, this whole thing doesn't make sense to me.

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