Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Salaries Anyone??

Have you noticed how the wealthy folks in Oregon have begun their unified grumbling about the proposed tax hikes (on them)? Yesterday’s Oregonian newspaper is a prime example of how the plan is to try to influence the working class to believe that those who voted for the tax hikes for the wealthy in the Legislature don’t care about unemployment in our state. In fact, the Senate Republicans Office sent out a press release of the letter today.

It was written as a Guest Opinion by Jon Chandler who happens to be the chief executive officer of the Oregon Home Builders Association. I believe the acronym for his job is “CEO”. I wonder what his salary is? Could this be a rich man pretending to be a working class stiff? That’s my guess. He apparently doesn’t believe the wealthy should have to pay their fair share of the tax burden.

Then you have the Oregon Catalyst, which again is a conservative republican website which also cares about the middle class. Why just the other day a similar article was written by Larry Huss, a regular contributor. Did I mention he’s also the Vice President of US West and a lawyer? Wonder what he makes each year?

Bottom line is that these cry babies who want to maintain as much money from their weighty salaries need to quit their complaining on behalf of the “common man”, who they really don’t seem to care about.

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