Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Paying to Donate

I recently became aware of a need in my community, and decided to jump in and help. We have a charitable organization called the Oregon Community warehouse that gives furniture and housewares etc. to low income people in Portland. I've worked with them before, and was pleased with their responsiveness and willingness to help others. As a case manager I was able to get chairs, tables, beds, and everything you'd need to set up a kitchen.

Today I read somewhere that they are looking for matresses and box springs, probably to give to a homeless family who were coming in from the cold for the winter. I just so happen to have a full-sized matress and boxspring which are in good condition that I no longer need. Rather than trying to sell them (could probably get $30-$40 for the pair) I gave the warehouse a call; leaving a voicemail. 10 minutes later my phone rang, and a woman said she was returning my call. We agreed they'd come by and pick it up on Saturday. Then came the clincher.

She told me it would cost me $20 for them to pick it up.I'm donating something to them and they want me to pay them for doing so! I said; "You're telling me I have to pay you to donate to you? That doesn't make much sense." To which she replied; "That's how we do things now. If we have to pick something up, we charge $20." I told her to forget it. If it's not enough to donate something trying to be a good citizen, I don't think I can work with this new way of doing business. I mean isn't that double jeopordy or something?

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David McDonald said...

I just found out that they also are charging folk they give this stuff to for delivery. $100 for a love seat and 2 children's beds. They look more and more like a FOR PROFIT organization. These are LOW INCOME people!