Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What an Absolute Waste Of Time!!

It seems to me that the State of Oregon must lose the notes taken around abuse and neglect EACH YEAR. That is the only possible reason for putting a group like this together ONCE AGAIN. What is described below has been done over and over and over again. They try to make it sound like "This time we're serious!", But I believe it's simply a waste of tax payers dollars combined with the insatiable thirst some people have in seeing their names mentioned on DHS letterhead. Have at it gang! I'm sure you "mean it this time".

Date: April 25, 2011 General questions: Gene Evans, 503-947-5286
DHS Launches Adult Protective Services Safety Team to Improve Safety for Vulnerable Adults in Long Term Care Facilities

Department of Human Services Acting Director Erinn Kelley-Siel has announced the members of a work team charged with making recommendations for improving Oregon's adult protective services system, starting with the safety and protection of vulnerable adults in licensed long-term care settings.

“The safety and protection of our most vulnerable populations is among our most critical functions,” Kelley-Siel said. “Oregonians appropriately expect that their loved ones in licensed long-term care facilities and who are being cared for by foster and in-home providers will be safe.”
The Adult Protective Services Safety Team includes members representing seniors, the caregivers that serve them, law enforcement and prosecutors, the long-term care industry and front-line adult protective service workers.

Kelley-Siel has charged the team with the following major tasks:

a) Review and analyze the most serious incidents of elder abuse/neglect in long-term care settings and in the community between 2009/2010, including a review of the types of abuse and factors that cases involving abuse may have in common. The goal is to identify issues or factors contributing to abuse or neglect and any changes in policy that might be warranted;

b) Map the current adult protective services system, review existing policies and procedures, and identify gaps and opportunities to strengthen the work of adult protective services in Oregon;

c) Develop recommendations on how the adult protective services system can better assist law enforcement in prosecuting abusers; and

d) Review the laws and policies defining elder abuse and make any necessary recommendations to strengthen them.

The team holds their first meeting on Monday, April 25, in Salem, and the team will provide recommendations back to Kelley-Siel by July 1, 2011.
The Adult Protective Services Safety Team members include:

Sergeant Margaret Bahnson, Portland Police Bureau, Vulnerable Adult Unit;

Jerry Cohen, Executive Director, American Association of Retired Persons;
Vic Gilliam, state representative;

Ruth Gulyas, Executive Director, Oregon Alliance of Senior & Health Services;

Regine Goerke, Department of Human Services Adult Protective Services;

Val Hoyle, state representative;

Mary Jaeger, Director, Long-term Care Ombudsman;

Bob Joondeph, Disability Rights Oregon;

Holly Mercer, Board of Nursing;

Lucy Morgan, Governors Commission on Sr. Services;

Meghan Moyer, Oregon Public Employees Union/ Service Employee International Union;

Bill Olson, advocate;

Dr. Laurie E. Powers, Portland State University, advocate;

Lauren Rhoades, Oregon Health Care Association;

Rodney Schroeder, Interim Deputy Director, Northwest Senior and Disability Services;

Sherry Stock, Oregon Disabilities Commission Chair, Brain Injury Association of Oregon;

Matt Smith, Detective, Forest Grove Police Department;

John Thompson, Manager, Northwest Seniors & Disability Services;

Kathryn Weit, Acting Executive Director Oregon Developmental Disabilities Council; and

John D. Wentworth, Assistant District Attorney, Clackamas County


Suzanne McDonald said...

Plus, not one of these listed members is actually a front-line caregiver, OR an individual receiving services OR a family member.

David McDonald said...

Apparently you have yet to learn that in Oregon it's all about smoke and mirrors...

Anonymous said...

This sounds like another "lets pretend" we care attempt. Something must be brewing that may make the "powers that be" a little nervous. I wonder if the main source of elder abuse (Guardians/Conservators) will be addressed. Look under that "rock" and see the slimiest group of abusers lurking in the Probate courts