Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Think More, Waste Less

I used to be a Democrat. Really! I was one of those people who spoke out about the failings of the GOP; I even voted for Barack Obama. Nowdays, it looks to me like there really are no differences between the 2 parties that run our country. So, for the past few years I've begun to do things differently. To hell with political parties! I now look at what individuals do, and get behind whoever seems to be serving the interests of the people. Here's an example of what I'm saying. You go Republican rep. Mike McLane!!

SALEM— Rep. Mike McLane (R-Powell Butte) today said funding for a state advertising program should be eliminated in favor of a program that provides transportation services to seniors and the disabled. He says it’s wrong to fund the “Drive Less, Save More” ad campaign at the same time the Legislature is considering devastating cuts to human services programs.

“Five years of instructing Oregonians to ‘drive less and save more’ is enough, especially as high gas prices are already forcing citizens to make this decision,” Rep. McLane said. “The Legislature should cut this wasteful spending and redirect those savings to help our most vulnerable citizens.”

As a member of the Joint Ways and Means Transportation and Economic Development Subcommittee, Rep. McLane has worked to eliminate “flexible” federal dollars for the $2 million advertising program, and redirect those savings to the Seniors and Disabled Transportation program. He says the funding shift should be an easy decision for legislators working to balance the state budget.

“During these difficult times the Legislature should ‘spend less and save more,’ and prioritize our limited resources to help Oregonians in need,” Rep. McLane said. “We shouldn’t spend these limited resources on programs that only serve special interests and urban transit agencies. It’s time to cut wasteful spending, and use tax dollars on programs and services that our citizens truly depend on.”


Lee said...

I don;t know what to say. A politician, using what appears to be logic and common sense AND doing what is morally right at the same time? Is that a glimmer of hope I see before me?

David McDonald said...

As you know Lee, you take what you can get in oregon. It certainly is a glimmer! Enjoy it now, before it fades away.

Mike McLane said...

Thanks Lee and David for the compliment. It would be nice if common sense was the norm here in Salem. But, sadly, that isn't always the case. I will keep finding programs / spending to cut ..... and hopefully you guys will keep on us legislators to follow through.

By the way, I agree that it is not about the political party. Its about doing what's right for Oregon.

Mike McLane

David McDonald said...

Thank YOU Rep. Lane! My experience in working with legislators is that as long as your flattering them and stroking their (huge) egos, it's all good. Soon as you start questioning them they turn on you like rabid dogs.

David McDonald said...

I need to humbly back off from what I wrote earlier. I could delete the comment and start over, but that would be the cowardly thing to do. Truth is Legislators have never turned on me like a rabid dog when I've questioned them. Rather, they have chosen to deliberately ignore me when I've pointed out that what they say doesn't match what they do.