Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Ben Stiller V. The World

I've decided to give Ben Stiller a chance as a serious actor, as I've disliked his cheesey attempts at making fun of people with disabilities. The film I'm talking about is titled "Greenburg" with him in the title role of a guy with... bad luck?

Hard to say as he totally sucks as a serious actor who can do more than make fun of other people. He looks pretty odd in a film that has not done much to look anything beyond weak and silly. Does he have a partner? Or is Ben a "confirmed" bachelor?

Well, anyway, I wouldn't reccomend Greenburg (I guess no one else has either) to anyone who thinks Ben Stiller is any thing beyond a clown. But he tries occasionally...

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TC said...

It is disheartening to see some films making fun of disability. If filmmaker only knows the struggles of people who has impairment or disabilities then they can be more sensitive to their flights and sentiments.