Saturday, March 03, 2012

It's Not Illegal to Be An Ass Hole

In 2008 I wrote a post about the financial exploitation of people with developmental disabilities. I used an article from a Washington newspaper to demonstrate what I was talking about, and to serve as an example. Not long after I published the post, one of the people accused in the article submitted a comment calling me to task for several mistakes in the newspaper article.

As I was not the author of the article, I commented back, that if they had a problem with it, they should contact the newspaper about it. I was merely using it as a reference. Not good enough I guess. I began getting comments from this person that were filled with personal attacks aimed at me. I couldn't figure out where all this anger was coming from, but published their comments along with some push-back.

Over the next 3+ years I'd get an occasional rant from this guy, which I'd publish along with my own thoughts regarding what he'd written. It was getting pretty silly actually. Then the other day he finally got down to what the problem REALLY was.

He said that every time someone googled his name on the internet, the first page that came up was my blog post about financial exploitation. I tried it myself and found out he was right. At first I thought of all the attempted (misdirected) character assasinations that this loon had sent me, and was tempted to leave the post alone. Then it came to me, as though the Lord was whispering in my ear... "Its not illegal to be an ass hole", and deleted the post.

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David McDonald said...

Follow up... I recieved an email from this dude on Facebook, thanking me for taking the post about him down. According to his wall he posts several stories he finds on the net, without knowing the accuracy of any of them! What a waste! Good luck to you Keith Pinster. May the Gods keep you in their hands...