Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Scourge That Is Leftism

I happened to live next door to a boy who had leftism when I was 10 years old. It was awful! At all hours of the day (and night) you could hear the shrieks and screams of his exhausted mother, frustrated that he was unable to do tasks with his right hand. His parents were often at odds over his condition, which caused insurmountable strain on their marriage. The financial burden faced by these folks in having a child with leftism only added to their grief.

I recall asking my mother what was wrong with him, and she told me in a lowered voice that his affliction was not his fault, and she hoped someday they'd find a cure. In the mean time, she advised me to keep my distance, because at that time they weren't sure if leftism was contagious. In the next few years I noticed more and more children with leftism, and no one knew why this epidemic was spreading. From 3 in 100 to 1 in 15 over the course of 5 years!

Thank God Leftism Speaks was organized in an effort to combat the negative effects of leftism. They were funded primarily by rich white folks who had a connection to a child with leftism. Professional athletes, Hollywood types, and other people able to spread the word, and solicit funds. They managed to become the "go to" voice for anyone in the community who wanted to appear to be a friend of people with leftism. They organized charity walks all over the country, bringing in millions of dollars in the name of finding a cure. their PR was impeccable.

Around that same time, people who had leftism themselves began wondering why Leftism Speaks had such a low opinion of them. Many people with leftism were thriving and contributing in their communities. They could be found on college campuses getting an education. They were working in good paying jobs. Many were involved in science, mathematics, and other scholarly pursuits. Artists, poets, musicians, they could be found vitually every where. And many were speaking up themselves about what they believed was unjust language from Leftism Speaks. They were able to find skewed numbers, quid pro quo behaviors, and unwarranted "research" that was going no where. Could it be? Was Leftism Speaks more about money than about the altruism they publicly espoused?

As I've grown up, I've been fortunate to have met many people with leftism. They seem fine to me. In fact, I've not only worked and befriended people with leftism, but was blessed with the opportunity of having my own nephew who has leftism live with me for several years. I just can't seem to wrap my mind around the idea that people with leftism somehow need to be "fixed". For every "difficult" person who has leftism, there are probably 50 difficult people who don't have that label. Umm... you are reading one of these difficult people's blogs right now...

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