Sunday, August 19, 2012

I AM a Rich Man!

I'm well aware of how often I criticize the wealthy in this world and my country. I believe they are (for the most part) selfish, cruel, and uncaring. But very recently it's been brought into my consciousness just how wealthy I AM. Not just in relationship to poor people here and abroad, but in my own world as it is...

When I think of my life
I see the riches that have come to me,
No reward for what I've done,
Just fortune.

I see the love of my family
And the love of my extended community.
I don't deserve it I think, for I've not done enough
to warrent it.

The friendships I've been able to afford,
The goodness I've been allowed to absorb,
The sweetness of nature, the pleasure of comanionship,
I'm overwhelmed with it!

I may, in fact, be the richest man
On the Earth.

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