Saturday, December 29, 2012

War vs. Cancer

With medical advances in the last several years, it's reported that cancer is taking fewer and fewer victims all the time. That's a very good thing! It's taken a lot of research and billions of dollars to accomplish. My father died from cancer as well as several other people I knew.

On a weekly basis one or more of my friends on Facebook will post something about hating cancer, and the loved ones they've lost. Occasionally, I'll repost what they've posted, because they often ask you to, and I don't want to hurt their feelings by not doing so.

Last night, I watched a film titled "War Horse", which although it was pretty predictable, was still good. In watching I tapped into how much I hate war, especially the killing of innocent people. Not sure why it infuriates me so, but it absolutely does!

It's hard for me to "hate" cancer. It's a part of the nature of being human. We are prone to disease, and when we get sick, we do what we can to get well again. But what about war? It's an extremely UN-natural thing for humans to build and possess weapons that will take the lives of others. I'm 100% convinced of this. Yet, we do little to  prevent war. We do even less to end war. And I'm STILL waiting to see a post on Facebook that says; "I HATE WAR!! If you do too, please repost for 1 hour on your timeline. I know some of my friends will do this".


Anonymous said...

Seems a little weird to HATE WAR, when war is a form of hatred. Feeling hatred is an emotion which has been shown (even scientifically)to harm the one who hates (usually has a component of fear) both physically and mentally/emotionally. Cancer is called aggressive; the language of cancer (sign of the crab - long story) wholly war-like (here even have movement War on Cancer!) people Battle cancer (why not heart disease etc.?) told to think positively in their Battle. They are given the All-Clear, when cancer cells have been eradicated as cancer cells almost the same as the Breakaway, Rogue cells they are in fact extremely hard to detect. Masses of reasons for cancer - nuclear emissions, chemicals poured into the soil, therefore in our food, paint,hostility/negativity/ vaccinations, lack of kindness, spirituality and so on and so on. Briefly there has bee virtually no improvement in 'cure' rates in at least the last 50 years (bar childhood cancers) When doctors speak about survival they do not mean what is really meant by survival, they mean 5 or sometimes 10 years. Doctors/pharmaceutical industry have done an excellent propaganda job in making the public think there's hope, don't be afraid, we can cure it; we are very powerful!

David McDonald said...

I don't generally validate anonymous comments, as they often are spam, but this one is real. My opinion that more often than hatred or fear, war is more often caused by greed. And although I personally agree with the list of cancer causing expanations of cancer, not all have been scientifically proven, so I stayed away from that stuff on purpose.