Monday, March 25, 2013

Closet Nazis

There are a lot of Nazis that read my blog. They think that because they are self described Liberals that they can fake me out, but they can’t. I know that they have a deep seated hatred for people with developmental disabilities, but they’d never admit to that.

Instead they read what I’m currently writing about, hoping that I’ll say some strange things that will allow them to see me as a side show. I’ll gladly give them what they want...

Abortion is bad. 90% of fetuses who have the Down Syndrome chromosome are aborted each year. There is currently a lot of money going into research to find a way to predict if a child will be Autistic when they get older. Then these babies can also be aborted. The closet Nazis like this idea, though they’ll never admit it (except in thought).

Death With Dignity is bad. The number one reason given for assisted suicide is not wanting to be a burden on loved ones. Number two is not wanting to suffer the indignity of disability. Compassion & Choices (the Hemlock Society) wants you to believe it’s fear of pain. That’s not true, but there are many who choose to believe it is. DWD/Managed Care has also given Support Teams the impetus to withhold treatment from people with developmental disabilities, causing premature death.

Am I a right winged nut case for making these statements? Nope. I’m a card carrying Socialist who cares about these people, and wants to stop the closet Nazis from killing them.

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