Thursday, May 02, 2013

And Now Ladies and Gentlemen... The Newses!!

There is definitely more than one news. First you have the mainstream news. These are 3 stories done today by the local news team from channel 12 (FOX) here in Portland. Obie The Dachshund to Undergo Surgery , Man Lost Life Savings Trying to Win Xbox, and Law Enforcement Recruits Prepare and Train For Busy Water Season. I also was treated to the weather and traffic every 12 (get it? KPTV 12) minutes.

In order to get my blood pressure back to normal and slow down my pulse after watching, I changed the channel to Free Speech TV where Democracy NOW!! was on. I saw these reports there.
Bolivia Orders Expulsion of USAID,
Disabled Turkey Plant Workers Awarded $240 Million in Damages for Abuses, Discrimination, and
Muslim Taxi Driver, Iraq War Veteran Accuses Aviation Exec of Assault, Hate Crime. But they seemed to refuse to give me the weather or traffic.

Amazing what you find on the different newses, aint it?

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