Monday, May 20, 2013

Simply Titled "Ricochet"

I'm excited this morning! I just watched a story on Sports Center (ESPN) that truly inspired me. It's about a dog. YES, a DOG! A golden retriever named Ricochet, who works with people who are "differently abled" in California. I connect with this story on 3 maybe 4 levels. Kinda like God put this story before me to blog about. Something VERY positive . In case you're wondering, or have your doubts, there IS good in the world!

Ricochet is a kick ass surfer! He gave up the typical service dog roll when he was very young, opting instead to spend his time at the beach (smart dog). Like myself, when I was younger, growing up on Eastern Long Island, he recognizes what's really important in life... being in the ocean! AND... he simultaneously does the noble work of assisting people who need help in accessing the ocean! Totally cool!

The fact that he's a golden retriever makes him all the more special to me. I've always wanted one of them, but never felt the timing was right, where I'd be able to give a dog the kind of attention they require. Having a kitten/cat is plenty enough for me. I'm including a link to the story right here. You may want to grab a few tissues before viewing.

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