Sunday, July 14, 2013

Time to Riot??

By the title of this post, it probably looks like I'm talking about the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. Although I'm EXTREMELY upset by the decision the 6 non-black women jurists made, that's not what I'm going on about this morning. I had a thought earlier today that inspired this writing.

Want to get pissed off? How about our government's total lack of empathy for the people and city of New Orleans in the wake of Katrina? Or the billions given to banks in what was called a "bail out"? Guantanamo still open, while force feeding innocent detainees? Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and all the other whistle blowers persecuted for telling the truth? The killing of civilians by drone throughout the Middle East? There's plenty to be pissed off about. Trayvon Martin's murder is just the flavor of the day in reasons to riot.

A riot (/ˈraɪət/) is a form of civil disorder characterized often by what is thought of as disorganized groups lashing out in a sudden and intense rash of violence against authority, property or people. (Wikipedia... not to be confused with WikiLeaks) Maybe the keyword here is "disorganized." The 3% (1% my ass) and their minions count on disorganization. They know that unless the people can STAND TOGETHER, disorganized riots is all that can be accomplished. And it's highly doubtful that any violence would occur in their gated communities.

So what are we gonna do? Awaken, that's what! If you are STILL unable to see the game being played on you, simply start asking questions, then weigh the answers you get. If you dig deep enough, you'll surely find that the ultimate beneficiaries of the suffering of ordinary people are those who have the most. I'm done.

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