Thursday, April 17, 2014

This Aint Al Bundy's Ranch

I've been reading and seeing in various "news" sources that the people involved in protecting the Bundy Ranch are "terrorists" or off the wall "Tea Partiers" lately. This disturbs me for a few reasons. I'll go further into that in a few moments. I just want to go on record as suggesting that maybe they are neither.

It's obvious to me and other people uninterested in pretending things are fine in our country, that there are very few levels our government WON'T stoop to. I get the feeling in my gut that once again they are experimenting with their citizens, to see how tolerant we are. "If we LABEL people in a negative light, will the sheep follow the leader?" "Maybe this will work to get their guns..."

There's more than a few folks who are sick of the government pushing us around. Maybe these are good hearted people who are simply fed up with being constantly bullied and lied to. It's very possible that they see the government as terrorists, who want to monitor and limit all their actions, like the government did in the book "1984". Honestly, I get to feeling that way, more and more frequently these days, and I'm not na├»ve enough to believe I'm alone.

I personally believe that any time the government puts on their brakes, like they have in Nevada; that's a good thing. It shows that they haven't COMPLETELY lost the ability to weigh things out, instead of steam rolling through, in order to have their way.

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