Sunday, September 20, 2015


In 1980 I lived in West Palm Beach.I was working at The Breakers Hotel and was playeding pool after work one night in a cheesy bar that was in my neighborhood. I played against this black guy, who was obviously a GOOD pool player. NOT a hustler, but he was GOOD.

Anyway; he was kickn' my ass, but i was taking it well. He was a nice guy, and we quickly beacame pals. Soon after he beat me, another guy stepped up to play him. He kicked his ass  as bad as he kicked mine!

Not so smoothe.... The other guy was angry over the dollar that he lost! He accused my buddy of cheating, (which was far from the truth) and proceededed to threaten him as ( the nigger), which really pissed me off!  Anyway... things got ugly.

I called the red neck on his language; saying "this is 1980, not 1890," and he swung his cue stick at me. He hit me in my forearm as I'd stuck it up in defense. Soon a cop showed up because someone behind the bar had called 'em. He acted like WE were in the wrong!

Though it was obvious what had happened ,they let the red neck go, and threatened to take me and my black pal to jail, unless we left. Aint that America?

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