Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Price of Justice

I had my bi-yearly checkup with my Dr. yesterday. She is aware of the struggle I’ve been in, attempting to see that accountability for the death of my friend is brought to light. She also knows that this struggle has taken its’ toll on me, both physically and emotionally.

She listened attentively to an update of where things are at in my efforts to have an investigation done which would expose the medical neglect Tracey was subjected to prior to dying. Then came the question... “Have you seen “Sicko”?” I realize it’s probably hard for this woman of conscience to hear about my efforts knowing there’s nothing she can do to help, and she may have wanted to change the subject.

We discussed the movie for a minute or 2, agreeing that the medical system in America is broken. Then she looked at me with genuine sorrow in her eyes and said; “You know... you’re not going to win this thing”. I answered; “I can’t let it go. I believe a dangerous precedent has been set that it’s ok in Oregon to allow profoundly disabled people to die without thoroughly weighing treatment options against medical records, second opinions, and best practice. It’s not just about Tracey”.

We then had a talk about the stress involved in this situation, and the effects it’s had on me physically. She told me that it would be to my personal benefit to just let it go, saying; “This isn’t the first time you’ve seen this sort of thing, and it won’t be the last”. I’m certain she’s right on both counts, but I told her; “I think that I’m SUPPOSED to speak out when I see injustice. I think that’s why God put me here”.

She just kinda shook her head a bit and upped the dosage of my Hypertension med.

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