Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Britney and Lindsay Caught Kissing in Rehab?

When is the last time you truly believed that our state was headed in the right direction? The kind and gentle way we Oregonians deal with societal issues and problems has gotten us how far? It might be that our niceness and abundant patience is the root cause that we continue to beg for crumbs from our elected officials in attempting to have a fair, just, and equitable state.

The education and health of our children will be significaantly funded through lottery and tobacco dollars. That doesn’t seem right to me somehow. At the same time the folks with REAL resources are able to continue getting wealthier through tax breaks and investment returns. The corporations own the politicians who make decisions at their bequest. It doesn’t matter which political party is at the reigns.

Nationally, we are preparing to elect a new president in a little over a year from now. Here in liberal Oregon we’re gearing up to work on getting Hillary or Barack in that office. I don’t believe Mrs. Clinton (with her history of sitting on the Walmart board) or Mr. Obama (who speaks out of both sides of his mouth regarding war) will do any more to fix this broken country known as America, than Rudy (see 911 rescue workers’ fates).
Nothing has changed much since the 60’s in the USA.

I’m certain this writing is looked upon as an angry rant, but is it? This is all common sense. You can choose to stick your head in the sand and pretend things are OK, but don’t expect me to join you. These are dangerous times. Whether or not you want to own your place in history is up to you. You can move along looking out for Number One, or start speaking out about the WRONG you come in contact with daily.

My name is David McDonald, and I approve these words.

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