Thursday, August 09, 2007

How Important Are You? 2007 Edition

In Oregon, as in the other 49 states, there is an unspoken criterion for how important one is and/or believes themselves to be. It’s not based on reality, but sometimes perceptions outweigh what is in fact real. For these reasons I’ve put together this brief social survey for readers of my blog to see how they measure up in 2007.

How Important Are You?

1.)Do you wear your cell phone on your belt?
2.)Do you use the phrase; “Having said that” more than once per day?
3.)Do you own BOTH a blue AND a red necktie?
4.)Are your shoes really loud when you walk on hard surfaces?
5.)Do you brazenly cheat at 4 way stop signs?
6.)Is your email set on “Out Of The Office Auto Reply” more than once per week?
7.)Do you say “cheers” instead of “thank you”?
8.)Do you arrive late for important meetings on purpose?
9.)Do you park on the line; taking up 2 spaces at the grocery store?
10.)When walking Pooch, do you leave the poop behind?
11.) Do you insist on being called “Doctor” because you have a Doctorate degree?
12.) Does someone else cut your grass?
13.) Do you hang certificates instead of art on your office walls?
14.) Do you own an electronic planner such as a Palm Pilate?
15.) Do your children watch movies in the car?
16.) Are you a member of any organization called a “Club”?

If you answered “yes” to:
10-16 Questions-You are important enough to work in the Bush administration
6-10 Questions-You are important enough to have entitlement issues
2-6 Questions-You are important enough to get more important if you keep trying
0-2 Questions-You are important enough to not care how important you are

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