Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hate's Alive and Well

Megan Williams, a 20 year old black, developmentally disabled woman, was held captive in Logan County, West Virginia for at least a week by 6 sadistic white people. She was subjected to all sorts of hellish treatments including being forced to eat rat and dog feces. She was made to drink out of a toilet with urine in it. She was raped and sodomized by her captors who are 3 women and 3 men. She was stabbed, beaten, and had her hair ripped from her scalp. She was whipped with cables. The whole time this was going on, racial slurs and curses were constantly being thrown at her.

There’s a LOT of information about this on the internet; just Google her name to find it. My question is, why have we not heard about this in the main stream media? Can you imagine the exposure this story would get if she was a rich white girl? Once again you can see the blatant disregard for what is truly real NEWS in this country.

Black AND developmentally disabled AND female AND in the South... not he best demographic combination for having a decent life. I’m fairly certain she’s poor too. Does it make you feel like doing something; ANYTHING around speaking out about injustice in America? I hope so.


Anonymous said...

article link:
When I first read this name I envisioned my own daughter since she has the same name and in this age range. It does something to the common person when it is "someone they can relate to". The depth of their own concerns grow deeper.
Logan County, W Virginia is a place deep in the Hills ( Hollers) of W Virginia where floods continually take place. People there do not move or improve anything because they know the Federal/state will come in and replace everything they have with each new natural disaster. They look forward to this time, like Christmas, they get need things. Better things then before ! Unfortunately, this is also the way they raise their children and for generations little concerns to details, respect or common sense or education takes place. To be safe in this community you have to be related to someone and stick by their side. New comers are not welcome unless they say you are welcome ! Its as simple as that.
Unfortunately, this situation seems to be the condition of our nation today with little regard to life, theirs or others. We have little time to consider the conditions of our souls these days too busy making a buck.

David McDonald said...

It's interesting you should place this comment at this time. We recently learned that in Oregon the abuse and neglect of people with developmental disabilities is much more rampant then we knew. I not only find this unaceptable and deplorable, but personally heart breaking.

If you read some of the postings on this blog from earlier in the year, you'll see that I've been dealing with the medical neglect that led to the death of a friend in the last year. I also have a nephew/son who is in the system that I worry about on a regular basis. We have to stop this NOW.