Friday, October 26, 2007

Re: What You Are Doing

Do you REALLY know who you’re blogging with?

Do you care that you’re next blog door to someone who states that they write about “Random thoughts, the world of cosmetics, and being incredibly cute”? Does it concern you that when you scroll through a list of blogs you find posts about topics like pot holes on Beaverton side streets or a C that should have been a B- on a Social Studies test? Does it frustrate you to see your post about a hate crime ignored while a bit of drivel regarding Britney Spears lips has 40 hits? Do you lose some faith in mankind when you become aware that many Americans (more than we want to admit) are more concerned with Marie Osmond passing out than how many civilians have died in Iraq during Bush’s war? I sure do.


Kara said...

It does bother me but lately I've been pulled out of the depths of anger by the chance to read more blogs like yours! Thanks for participating in the carnival last week-I'm really glad I found your site:-)

David McDonald said...

And thank you for graciously hosting Disability Carnival #25! As I often say, I believe people of conscience have an obligation to educate the general public on the truth around disability. Thank you for doing just that!