Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Nile Is A River In Egypt

I heard a guy on Democracy Now say “My personal mission is to leave the world a little bit better off than it was when I came into it” this morning. I think many people feel the same way he does. I know I do. His words got me thinking about the current state of the world, and whether I’ve accomplished my own similar mission. In all honesty, I have to say the answer to that question is no.

Have I tried? Absolutely. Where then, have I failed? I have failed because the world is a very corrupt and unfair place. On all levels. Watching a year in review show on Democracy Now really opened my eyes. All the national and international failures to improve the world in 2007 are far more numerous than the successes. You can say I’m being pessimistic or negative, but I believe I’m simply being honest and a realist.

Let me walk you through the year’s failures, not chronologically, but as thoughts come to me:

1) Kucinich tried to get Chaney deservedly impeached but he failed.

2) I tried to see justice served on behalf of a friend who was euthanized but I failed.

3) The occupation in Iraq continues in spite of the larger number of Americans opposed to it.

4) Bush continues to spy on us though it’s common knowledge he’s doing so illegally.

5) Hunger and homelessness throughout the world continues to grow.

6) AIDS still takes way too many lives.

7) The ideas I’ve brought to legislators regarding health and safety for people with profound disabilities have gone nowhere.

8) The whole Bhutto assassination has been mired in cover up and lies.

9) Corporate America continues to control us, like it or not.

10) Lack of accountability in Oregon and America in general, is the status quo. More so than at any time I can personally recall.

11) The disparity in income between rich and poor continues to grow throughout the world.

12) People with disabilities are still having their civil rights violated daily in the U.S.

13) Healthcare costs continue to rise while most of the people in the world don’t have any at all.

14) Israel is still practicing Apartheid on the Palestinian people.

15) The Democratic Congress that was supposed to shake things up has given Bush everything he’s asked for.

16) People continue to stick their heads in the sand, pretending everything’s just ducky.

ENOUGH! I don’t want to continue on with this list. The bottom line is that overall I believe humanity earned a “D” in 2007 for its successes in making the world a better place, and continues to move toward an "F". Including me.

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